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Avvatar Whey Protein 4 Kg + Free Gym Bag

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Flavor: Mango Rush

Mango Rush
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Avvatar Whey Protein 4 Kg

Product Details

  • Loaded with naturally occurring milk calcium for maintaining bone health and for providing better hold for muscles and natural fiber to support a healthy metabolism, digestion, and gut health.
  • Premium blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate, Packed with 24g of freshest whey protein per serving for building strength and enabling muscle growth.
  • Naturally occurring BCAAs and other EAAs for promoting protein synthesis, speed up recovery after an intense workout, build new muscle and enable cell recovery.

Product Description

Avvatar Whey Protein 4kg is packed with 24g of protein per scoop. A primary source is whey protein concentrate which is loaded with health-boosting natural bioactive compounds along with phospholipids for quick recovery and sustained results. It’s the freshest you’ll ever get. Milked, processed and packed within 24 hours. It is 100% Vegetarian, Made from fresh grass-fed cow’s milk, and manufactured with multiple stringent quality tests. It’s time you add more firepower to your nutrition stack. It’s time you take your game to the next level. It’s time you Reconstruct Yourself. A perfect product for Gym goers, Bodybuilders, Cross-Fit athletes, Endurance runners, and fitness freaks.


Whey Protein, Alkalized Cocoa Powder, iodized salt, Acesulfame potassium (INS 950), Stabilizer (INS 415, INS 417), and Sunflower Lecithin (INS 322).

How to Use?

The best results can be seen when Whey protein is consumed in the morning, after a workout. If you exercise regularly, it may be best to consume a Whey protein shake immediately following a workout. A report published by the National Strength and Conditioning Association recommends consuming at least 15g of protein after each workout.


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