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Muscle Harvest RIP Pro Whey Protein 1 Kg

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Muscle Harvest RIP Pro Whey Protein

The powerful Muscle Harvest RIP Pro Whey Protein comes with 22g of rich protein preserving with a perfect mixture of 5g BCAAs that gives you an accelerated push to the protein synthesis process. Moreover, it also helps in relieving stress and fatigue. Probably the Best Whey Protein in India, it is sourced by leading sources from the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

In addition, this Muscle Harvest Whey Protein offers a massive 11.8g EAAs to help you in the quick absorption of those essential nutrients. At Nutriride India, you get 100% Genuine nutrition at the most reasonable price. Furthermore, the micro-filtered technology of this Ripped Whey Protein by Muscle Harvest also contains 3.6g of Glutamine that helps you maintain your gains and supports fast exercising recovery.

Why Choose Muscle Harvest RIP Pro Whey Protein?

This latest & one of the best-selling products contains Carnitine to transform your fat into energy and Spinach Extract to help sweat out that extra fat to make you more ripped and lean. Again, this health nutrition uses micro-filtered technology containing Digezyme for easy digestion & absorption and internationally-sourced Whey Protein Concentrate. Buy Whey Protein at NutrirIde and get many benefits. Basically, these include Freebies, Free Shipping, Easy Payment Modes, 100% Authenticity, etc. To increase strength and improve performance, you can check out Muscle Harvest Creatine.

Product Details

With a perfect combination of Protein, Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), and other crucial ingredients for your perfect post-workout experience.

  • 22g Protein per serving
  • 11.8g EAAs
  • 5g of BCAAs
  • Digezyme for Quick Absorption
  • Added Carnitine & Spinach Extract
  • Zero Added Sugar

How to Consume?

Mix 1 scoop with milk, cold water, or a preferred shake and shake well. Consume twice a day after a workout session, or as directed by your dietitian.


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