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Asitis Atom Whey Protein Powder 2Kg

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Asitis Atom Whey Protein

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Asitis Atom Whey Protein

A whey protein powder supports muscle recovery, growth, and repair. Made in India, Asitis Atom Whey Protein helps bodybuilders achieve fitness goals. The high-quality whey protein concentrate has 12.2g of essential amino acids to promote muscle recovery.

27g of protein, along with 5.7g of BCAAs makes it the best whey protein for muscle gain. Together, it promote muscle protein synthesis for optimal results. In addition, 4.5g of l-glutamine helps build muscle and improves athletic performance.

Benefits of Asitis Atom Whey Protein

Atom Whey Protein is the best Indian whey protein and is third-party tested for safe use. It promotes muscle recovery and growth for the best performance.

1. Faster Muscle Growth and Recovery

27g of pure whey protein enhances muscle recovery and growth after intense workouts. It serves as the building block for faster muscle recovery. Moreover, regular consumption promotes lean muscle gains over time.

2. Enhanced Athletic Performance

5.7g of BCAAs like leucine, isoleucine, and valine in Asitis Atom Whey Protein promotes muscle protein synthesis. These amino acids enhance muscle endurance, reduce early muscle fatigue, and promote lean muscle mass.

3. Increased Protein Synthesis

One of the best whey protein supplements, it has EAAs (12.2g) for muscle recovery and overall health. It supports hormone production, protein synthesis, and immune function. Asitis also offers unflavored whey protein (raw) for clean protein consumption.

4. Better Gut Health

4.5g of l-glutamine promotes gut health, gastrointestinal health, and muscle recovery. In addition, it reduces muscle soreness after high-intensity workouts and maintains athletic performance.

How to Use Asitis Atom Whey Protein

  • Take 1 heaped scoop (36g).
  • Mix with 250ml of cold water or milk.
  • Consume after a workout.
  • Regular consumption ensures optimal recovery and growth.

Your Attention Please!

Mix whey protein with Asitis Atom Creatine to enhance muscle power and strength.

Frequently Asked Questions - Asitis Atom Whey Protein

1. What is Atom Whey Protein Review?

27g of pure whey protein concentrate with essential amino acids optimizes muscle growth and recovery. The supplement is free from banned substances for safety and purity.

2. What is the Price?

At Nutriride, buy a 2kg pack online at ₹6,579. It is available in 4kg and 1kg. Get free delivery, 100% authentic products, and pay-later options.

3. What are the Benefits?

Protein enhances muscle recovery, growth, and repair. L-glutamine promotes gut health and gastrointestinal health. The essential amino acids contribute to muscle protein synthesis for optimal performance.

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