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Avvatar Sports Nutrition

Avvatar Nutrition is a promising Indian health supplements brand that has gained recognition for its high-quality range of products. It is designed to support fitness enthusiasts and athletes in achieving their health goals. Moreover, Avvatar offers a diverse selection of supplements. Avvatar Whey Protein Malai Kulfi is one of the best-selling products among Indian buyers. Equally important, if you are looking for the purest form of protein, you can simply try Avatar Isorich, which promises tremendous results within a few days of consumption. Basically, their whey protein is known for its superior quality and provides essential amino acids to aid muscle recovery and growth. Avvatar Mass Gainer is ideal for individuals looking to gain weight and build lean muscle mass effectively. Moreover, Avvatar has become a trusted name in the Indian nutrition market!

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Avvatar Whey Protein Powder + Free Smart Shaker (With 2Kg)

Avvatar Whey Protein Powder + Free Smart Shaker (With 2Kg)

₹ 7,199₹ 4,699
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Whey Protein Whey protein powder is a vital supplement for bodybuilding. If you love staying fit, it can help you grow muscles and recover faster. Protein...
Avvatar Mass Gainer 2Kg Belgian Chocolate

Avvatar Mass Gainer

₹ 2,599₹ 1,599
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Mass Gainer Many people struggle to gain weight due to low-calorie intake. If you are one of them, you need a mass gainer supplement with proper...
Avvatar Alpha Whey 2Kg Belgian Chocolate

Avvatar Alpha Whey

₹ 1,889₹ 1,599
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Alpha Whey Protein Made with 100% cow’s milk by Parag Milk Foods Ltd, Avvatar Alpha Whey Protein is a potent health supplement for individuals who have...
Avvatar Creatine 100g

Avvatar Creatine Monohydrate

₹ 899₹ 489
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Creatine Creatine plays a vital role in muscle strength and recovery. It is a naturally occurring compound in the body. Avvatar Creatine is a powerful supplement...
Avvatar Isorich Protein + Free Smart Shaker (With 2Kg)

Avvatar Isorich Protein + Free Smart Shaker (With 2Kg)

₹ 9,199₹ 5,689
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Isorich Whey Protein Known for purity and nutritional potency, Avvatar Isorich Whey Protein is an important sports nutrition in the fitness world! It contains 28g of...
Avvatar Muscle Gainer 2Kg Belgian Chocolate

Avvatar Muscle Gainer

₹ 4,299₹ 2,589
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Muscle Gainer Gainer supplements help gain weight and increase muscle mass. Avvatar Muscle Gainer is a calorie-rich health supplement. Individuals consume it to bulk up and...
Avvatar L Carnitine Pina colada

Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid 450ml

₹ 1,999₹ 1,099
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid Increased body weight is common due to improper diet and lack of exercise. At times, getting rid of extra fat becomes difficult. To...

Avvatar Nutrition

Proudly made in India, Avvatar Nutrition is a leading health supplements brand. It is owned by Parag Milk Foods Ltd which is a well-known brand for selling dairy products like milk and butter. Avvatar Supplements derive their pure protein from cow milk. Therefore, the whey protein range is packed and processed within 24 hours of milking. This ensures the freshness of nutrients. Moreover, all the supplements undergo many quality checks to ensure the best quality of protein supplements.

To achieve fitness goals and enhance athletic performance, you need the right sports nutrition. Avvatar Nutrition offers many dietary supplements, including isolated protein, mass gainers, etc. No matter if you are a bodybuilder or a serious athlete, these health supplements help you throughout your fitness journey. Being a promising Indian supplement brand, it has a wide fanbase nationwide. What makes Avvatar Nutrition apart is the quality and freshness of protein in every supplement.

Why Choose Avvatar Nutrition

At Avvatar Nutrition, the finest cow breeds receive good care. Spanning over 35 acres, all cows are well taken care of at Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farms. Thus, all cows are hormone-free and nourished well with tailored meals. Therefore, the diet includes corn silage, bran, green maize, alfalfa, chopped hay, and pennisetum. This guarantees high nutritional value in protein ranges with all goodness!

To know more about Avvatar Nutrition supplements, lets learn about notable benefits:

  • Protein Quality: The entire process of making Avvatar Whey Protein is completed within 24 hours. The untouched processing of whey protein offers 28g of protein with important amino acids. Moreover, all proteins offer exceptional mixability and the milk is naturally flavored with no artificial additives.
  • Wide Range of Protein Supplements: Having different goals, every sportsman has different requirements. For example, a skinny individual needs a weight gainer. Whereas, a bodybuilder needs protein supplements for faster muscle recovery. Avvatar Nutrition features a selection of proteins and gainers for a successful fitness journey.
  • Transparency: Being a well-known Indian brand, Avvatar Supplements contain the right amount of ingredients in the right ratio. Thus, all supplements are free from banned substances and are dope-free. For 100% transparency, all the nutrients are mentioned on the product label!

Avvatar Whey Protein

Having a wide selection of sports supplements, Avvatar Whey Protein range contains many products. Whey Protein contains concentrated form of 28g protein, 6.2g BCAAs, and 3.9g glutamic acid. To experience the purest form of protein, Avvatar Whey Isolate (Avvatar Isorich) is the right option for you. It contains an isolated form of protein for lean muscle mass. To experience visible results, consume your protein on a daily basis with a proper diet plan.

To know more, you can learn about Avvatar Whey Protein benefits and why you should purchase it:

  • Contains High-Quality Protein Sources: For effective athletic results, especially serious muscle gains, a supplement must contain high-quality protein sources. Thanks Avvatar Nutrition that offers whey concentrate and isolated protein sources. If you are a beginner, buy Avvatar Alpha Whey, that is designed for individuals who began with a fitness journey. It contains 20g of protein, less than other variants.
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Development: Many bodybuilders aim at building lean muscle mass for a lean physique. Avvatar Whey Protein, especially isolate whey is low in sugar, carbs, and extra fats. It helps you develop lean muscles and promote faster muscle recovery.
  • Promotes Faster Muscle Recovery: After an intense workout, muscle soreness and fatigue is very common! Thus, your working muscles lose important amino acids that are used to fuel physical activity. The amino acids like BCAAs, glutamic acid, and EAAs present in protein supplements boost muscle recovery.

Avvatar Mass Gainer

To gain weight and muscle mass, Avvatar Mass Gainer is a good option! Building muscle mass demands the right amount of calories. This gainer contains ample calories for effective gains. Having 45.6g of protein and 122g of carbohydrates, it helps in bulking up!

If you want to gain weight and cannot consume enough calories on a daily basis, Avvatar Weight Gainer is a preferable choice for you! Thus, a beginner or a serious sports person can consume Avvatar Mass Gainer for serious bulking. Before buying one, learn about the benefits and advantages of consuming it.

  • Best Calorie Source: To bulk up, you need to have the right amount of daily calorie intake and that is difficult with daily meals. Thus, Avvatar Mass Gainer is the best source of carbs and protein. Moreover, it contains multiphase protein blends, acting as both fast and slow proteins.
  • Energy Source: It contains clean calorie sources that keeps your body energized throughout the day. Made from fresh cow’s milk, it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal results. Hence, carbohydrates are the main energy source that helps you feel active.
  • Prevents Muscle Fatigue: Having amino acids and BCAAs, Avvatar Weight Gainer prevents muscle fatigue. When you exercise hard, it causes muscle fatigue and soreness. Thus, these amino acids delay muscle fatigue and assist in faster muscle recovery.

Avvatar L Carnitine

If you want to enhance your fat loss journey, Avvatar L Carnitine is a wise choice for you. L-Carnitine is a compound that is naturally produced in the body. It plays an important role in the body’s energy metabolism. Therefore, it facilitates the transport os fatty acids and convert them into energy. This energy can be used to enhance your workout ability.

However, factors like aging and stress can lower the levels of L-Carnitine. Thus, it can lead to early fatigue and reduced physical performance. Avvatar Nutrition offers L-Carnitine in liquid form to support the levels of it in the body. Except for converting fat into energy, it has many crucial benefits. Let’s look into it:

  • Enhanced Energy Production: In the process of energy metabolism, Avvatar L Carnitine serves as an important cofactor. It does that by converting fatty acids into ATP, which is the primary energy currency in the body. By enhancing energy production, it provides a reliable source of vitality to fuel your workout.
  • Successful Fat Loss: L-Carnitine promotes fatty acids transport into mitochondria for the production of energy. Therefore, it mobilizes stored fat reserves and assists in weight management efforts. By enhancing fat metabolism in the body, it aids in body ft reduction.
  • Muscle Recovery and Repair: Having anti-inflammatory properties, it aids in muscle recovery and repair after an intense workout session. Thus, it reduces exercise-induced muscle damage and promotes tissue healing. Moreover, Avvatar L Carnitine supports optimal muscle recovery and allows you to bounce back stronger for workouts.

Avvatar Creatine

Creatine is a premium health supplement designed to elevate your strength and endurance. Avvatar Creatine is a micronized formula that provides rapid absorption. Thus, it allows you to experience each serving rapidly! Each pack of 100g provides 33 servings. It is a cost-effective formula for successful muscle building! The best part is, that it is free from any additives and fillers, offering health benefits without harm.

Avvatar Creatine Monohydrate is completely a lab-tested formula. It is a mandatory sports nutrition for individuals indulged in muscle building, strength training, and high-intensity workouts. Simply mix the serving in water or your preferred beverage and get impressive results! By paying the lowest Avvatar Creatine Price at Nutriride, you can get the following benefits listed below:

  • Provides Muscle Strength: To increase muscle strength, Avvatar Creatine is the best formula! This is because it supports quick power bursts, providing muscle strength during strength training. Thus, it helps individuals perform more reps and assists in lifting heavy weights.
  • Elevates Muscle Recovery: When individuals are indulged in an intense workout, it is common to encounter muscle inflammation and cell damage! Creatine is a strong health supplement that reduces muscle damage and promotes faster recovery. Moreover, it helps in muscle growth and enhancing physical performance.
  • Improves Muscle Volume: Regular supplementation of Avvatar Creatine Monohydrate regularly can improve muscle volume too! This is because each cell draws more water. This makes your muscles fuller. Equally important, it improves nutrient flow in cells and promotes body hydration.

Where to Buy Avvatar Supplements?

Avvatar Nutrition is a leading dietary supplement brand in India. It has a wide consumer audience in the country due to its quality and reasonable prices. Avvatar Supplements are easily available at popular offline stores. However, it is best to choose online from reliable online shops like Nutriride! Not only you will get genuine dietary nutrition, but you also get the lowest price. This is because all the products are directly sourced from the manufacturing unit. Thus, there is no middleman in between! There are many advantages to choosing Nutriride to buy your next health supplements. These include long-expiry products, 100% authentic supplements, pay-later options, and easy returns (if you get the wrong product).

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Frequently Asked Questions - Avvatar Nutrition

1) Is Avvatar Nutrition Indian?

Yes, Avvatar Nutrition is an Indian sports nutrition brand. It is owned by Parag Milk Foods Ltd. The brand is well-known for using fresh cow’s milk to manufacture various whey protein supplements.

2) What is the difference between Avvatar Whey Protein and Avvatar Isorich protein?

The major difference lies in the protein form. Avvatar Whey Protein is a concentrated form of protein (the most common form). Avvatar Isorich is an isolated form of protein. It is the purest form of protein which goes through a thorough filtration process.

3) What is Avvatar Whey Protein Price?

Currently, the maximum retail price is 7,199. At Nutriride, you can pay for Avvatar Whey Protein Price as low as ₹4,299. This means you get a flat 40% discount.

4) Where to Get Avvatar Coupon Code?

At Nutriride, you already get Avvatar Nutrition Supplements at the lowest prices. Though, you can get an Avvatar Coupon Code during Payday offers, seasonal discounts, and festive deals for extra discounts. Call at 7302660295 to get a discount coupon code.