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Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer, 3Kg Chocolate

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer + Free Labrada x Nutriride Tshirt (Only with 3Kg & 5Kg)

₹ 4,199₹ 2,999
Product Details FAQ'S Labrada Mass Gainer If you are skinny and want to gain weight, mass gainers are an important health supplement. Made in the USA, the Labrada Mass Gainer...
Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass Gainer Chocolate 7Kg

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass + Free Gold Shaker (Only with 7Kg)

₹ 12,700₹ 6,499
Product Details FAQ'S Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass 7Kg   Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass 7Kg stands as a pinnacle in the realm of gainers, curated under the expert guidance of the...
Avvatar Mass Gainer 2Kg Belgian Chocolate

Avvatar Mass Gainer

₹ 2,599₹ 1,599
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Mass Gainer To increase muscle mass and bulk up, mass gainers play an important role. Made in India from 100% cow’s milk, Avvatar Mass Gainer is...
Absolute Nutrition Knockout Series Elephant Mass Gainer 3kg American Ice Cream

Absolute Nutrition Knockout Series Elephant Mass Gainer

₹ 3,299₹ 1,899
Product Details FAQ'S Absolute Nutrition Elephant Mass Gainer For successful muscle growth and gains, Absolute Nutrition Elephant Mass Gainer is an ideal choice! It is a potent sports nutrition for...
Gibbon Mass Gainer 3Kg Mango Flavor

Gibbon Mass Gainer

₹ 4,800₹ 2,799
Product Details FAQ'S Gibbon Mass Gainer For bulking, it is important to consume ample carbohydrates per day. Gibbon Mass Gainer is an important dietary supplement in the world of fitness....
Muscletech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 3kg Vanilla Milk Shake

Muscletech Mass Tech Extreme 2000

₹ 4,999₹ 2,849
Product Details FAQ'S MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 3Kg   Standing out as a powerhouse mass gainer supplement, MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 is meticulously formulated to support individuals aiming...
Myogenetix Weight Gainer 6Lb Perfect Chocolate

MyoGenetix Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer Perfect Chocolate

₹ 6,000₹ 2,249
Product Details FAQ'S MyoGenetix Mass Gainer 6Lbs   MyoGenetix Mass Gainer stands out as a high-calorie, protein-rich supplement designed to support individuals aiming to gain weight and build muscle mass...
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 3Kg Chocolate Flavor

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

₹ 3,799₹ 3,199
Product Details FAQ'S Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 3Kg   The robust Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass stands as a heavyweight in the world of mass gain supplements, offering a potent combination...
Avvatar Muscle Gainer 2Kg Belgian Chocolate

Avvatar Muscle Gainer

₹ 4,299₹ 2,589
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar Muscle Gainer Gainer supplements help gain weight and increase muscle mass. Avvatar Muscle Gainer is a calorie-rich health supplement. Individuals consume it to bulk up and...
Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer 3kg Chocolate Delight

Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer

₹ 3,899₹ 3,099
Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer 3kg Product Details 25 vitamins and minerals 30g protein per serving No Sugar Product Description Absolute Nutrition Mass Gainer 3kg supplement in French Vanilla is primarily...
Big Muscle Real Mass Gainer 1kg Cookies & Crème

Big Muscle Real Mass Gainer 1kg

₹ 1,199₹ 689
Big Muscle Real Mass Gainer 1kg Product Details 50g (approx.) of Protein from 5 sources. 160g of good Complex Carbs. 7500 mg of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids). Product Description Big...
One Science XL Super Mass Gainer 5 Kg Double Rich Chocolate

One Science XL Super Mass Gainer

₹ 7,999₹ 4,249
Product Details FAQ'S One Science XL Gainer 5Kg   Standing as a testament to advanced sports nutrition, One Science XL Gainer 5Kg is a powerful supplement is meticulously crafted for...
Scitron Mega Mass Gainer 3Kg With 20 Vitamins And Minerals Chocolate

Scitron Mega Mass Gainer

₹ 3,899₹ 2,739
Product Details FAQ'S Scitron Mega Mass Gainer Mass gainers are important for building muscle and gaining weight. Scitron Mega Mass Gainer is a popular supplement that helps with weight gain...
Scitron Supreme Mass Gainer 3Kg Chocolate

Scitron Supreme Mass Gainer

₹ 3,999₹ 2,729
Scitron Supreme Mass Gainer 3kg Product Details Scitron Supreme Mass Gainer helps in increasing mass and helps in gaining weight. Containing a rich blend of vitamins and minerals, it keeps...
MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer 3Kg (Chocolate Flavor)

MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer

₹ 4,399₹ 2,549
MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer   MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer is a high-calorie mass gainer supplement tailored to meet the needs of individuals looking to pack on size and muscle mass....
FA Core Mass Gainer 7Kg

FA Core Mass Gainer + Free Shaker

₹ 10,500₹ 5,749
MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite 3kg Chocolate Fudge Cake

MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite 3kg Chocolate Fudge Cake

₹ 5,999₹ 3,899
MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite    MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite Advanced High Protein Mass Gainer is a premium supplement specially crafted for individuals looking to increase their muscle mass and overall size. This...
PhD Whey Isolate Chocolate Flavor 2Kg

PhD Whey Isolate Fast Acting Whey Protein (2.1kg)

₹ 9,799₹ 7,099
Mass JYM Mass Gainer 2Kg Chocolate Mousse

Mass Jym Ultra Premium Mass Gainer 2Kg (Chocolate Mousse)

₹ 6,700₹ 4,749
Product Details FAQ'S Mass JYM Protein Powder 2Kg   Standing out as a premium imported gainer, Mass JYM Mass Gainer 2Kg caters to the needs of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders...
Absolute Nutrition Alpha Lean Gainer 2Kg Chocolate Rocky Road

Absolute Nutrition Alpha Lean Gainer Protein

₹ 3,999₹ 2,949
Absolute Nutrition Alpha Lean Gainer Protein 2Kg Product Details 50g protein per serving Creatine Monohydrate & L-Glutamine Perfect ratio of protein and carbohydrates Metabolism Booster – Green tea and Ginger...
MuscleBlaze Bulk Gainer 3Kg (Chocolate Flavor)

MuscleBlaze Bulk Gainer

₹ 4,799₹ 3,509
MuscleBlaze Bulk Gainer.
Repfuel Sports Swole Mass Gainer 3Kg Crazy Chocolate

Repfuel Sports Swole Mass Gainer

₹ 5,400₹ 4,039
Repfuel Sports Swole Mass Gainer 3Kg is a premium nutritional supplement tailored for individuals looking to gain lean muscle mass and enhance their physical strength. This high-quality mass gainer is...
HFN Mass Juice Mass Gainer 10 lbs Chocolate

HFN Mass Juice Mass Gainer

₹ 6,500₹ 4,825
HFN Mass Juice Mass Gainer HFN Mass Juice Mass Gainer contains 1075 calories and 50g of protein for each serving to help you achieve your muscle-building goals and hydration objectives. Probably...
Mutant Muscle Mass Gainer 15Lbs Triple Chocolate

Mutant Mass Gainer 15lbs Chocolate

₹ 11,999₹ 7,299
Scitron Organic Plant Protein 1kg Peach Mango

Scitron Organic Plant Protein

₹ 2,999₹ 2,289

What is Mass Gainer?

After the whey protein supplements, mass gainers are the second most popular bodybuilding supplement. A mass gainer is a sports supplement that contains carbohydrates, fats, and protein in balanced quantities. Along with it, Mass Gainer also contains a wide range of micronutrients including amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, a Mass Gainer is an effective solution for people looking for successful mass gains. Contributing to strength and athletic performance, a mass gainer helps in faster muscle recovery, thanks to protein content. In short, Mass Gainers are an excellent dietary supplement for bulking up!

If you are having a hard time bulking up, you need to include mass gainer in your diet. Equally important, body bulking depends on body type. For example, if you are an ectomorph, a high metabolic rate makes it difficult to gain muscle mass. Thus, you require a specific diet that should include high calories. However, having such a level of calories in a regular meal is quite difficult. In that case, mass gainers help you meet the required calorie content.

Mass Gainer Benefits 

If you are looking to gain mass and increase your overall weight then a mass gainer is a great supplement to add to your diet. The product is a powerhouse of nutrients that offer a lot of benefits. Its array of benefits to users includes:

There are many important mass gainer benefits. If you are looking for muscle mass gains and want to increase overall weight, mass gainers work well! Having many important nutrients that offer multiple benefits, you can choose a mass gainer to meet your daily calorie requirement. Below are the advantages of mass gainers you should know:

  • High-Calorie Take: Generally, a mass gainer supplement contains 1000 kcal. The amount of calories depends on the type of mass gainer. Moreover, a mass gainer supplement helps you reach your daily calorie requirement without tension.
  • A Blend of Protein and Carbohydrates:  Mass Gainer supplements are a great source of protein and carbs. These ingredients keep your body fuller for a long time. While protein helps in muscle building, carbohydrates help provide an energy boost.
  • Low in sugar and trans fats: While mass gainers are rich in carbs, it has low sugar and trans fat content. Moreover, the calories allow muscle gain and prevent unwanted digestive load.
  • Help in Muscle Recovery and Development: A mass gainer is an effective bulking supplement that helps build strong muscles. In addition, Mass gainer also contains essential amino acids for fast muscle recovery.
  • Boosts Energy: An intense workout is always tiring. Thus, consuming the best mass gainer supplements provides high energy. This is because of the calorie content present in the supplement.    
  • Contains Fibre: Many mass gainers are rich in fibre content. This ensures fast digestion and helps maintain bowel health.
  • High-Quality Protein: Mass gainers contain high-quality protein. Therefore, it assists in building lean muscles and helps you stay fit.
  • Essential Nutrients: Mass gainers contain a balanced source of proteins, carbohydrates, essential amino acids, and other important nutrients.

Best Mass Gainer Brands in India

There are many mass gainer brands in India to choose from! This makes it quite difficult to choose the best one for yourself! To make it easy, we have mentioned the best mass gainer brands in India, so that you can choose the best for successful mass gains:

  • Labrada: Labrada is one of the best-selling mass gainer brands in India. Originating in the USA, it offers the best-quality mass gainer with promised results. In addition, Labrada offers mass gainer supplements in various delicious flavours like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
  • Kevin Levrone: Made by the legend himself, Kevin Levrone is a renowned international brand for health supplements. For successful muscle mass gains, it offers Anabolic Mass. Moreover, it comes in 2 variants: 3kg and 7kg.
  • Avvatar: Proudly made in India by Parag Milk Foods, Avvatar is a leading health supplement brand. It offers mass gainer supplements at the most reasonable price. Having a perfect balance of important ingredients, Avvatar is a popular brand among Indian athletes and bodybuilders.
  • Absolute Nutrition: A popular Indian dietary supplement brand, Absolute Nutrition offers many options for mass gainers. These options include Elephant mass gainer and lean gainer. Moreover, you get every necessary ingredient needed for muscle mass gains.
  • MuscleBlaze: Known for providing health supplements at a reasonable price, MuscleBlaze offers a wide range of mass gainers.  If you want to build lean muscles, MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer is a perfect choice for you. It contains a balanced profile of important ingredients.
  • Gibbon: Gibbon is an affordable supplement brand with a wide range of health products. Gibbon Mass Gainer is one of the best gainers in India with 27g protein and 100g carbohydrates.
  • Optimum Nutrition: Optimum Nutrition is a famous sports supplements store in India. It manufactures a wide range of quality supplements including mass gainer. If you want serious muscle mass gains, it is among the best mass gainers brands in India.
  • MuscleTech: To gain muscles more healthily, MuscleTech offers Mass Gainers with top-quality ingredients. Therefore, it helps boost your workout performance. In addition, it boosts energy and improves muscle recovery.
  • JYM: Manufactured in the USA, JYM is a leading supplement brand in the fitness industry. Having a perfect blend of ingredients, Mass JYM is among the best muscle mass gainers in India. With 310 calories, it comes in a delicious chocolate mousse flavour!
  • Repfuel: Repfuel Sports is a leading brand in India with affordable supplement options. The Swole Mass Gainer is a perfect blend of protein and carbohydrates, meeting the requirement of daily calories.

Top 10 Best Mass Gainers Online in India 2024

There are many popular mass gainers in India. However, each product has different nutritional values, ingredients, flavours, formulations, and prices. To choose the best for yourself, here is a list of the Top 10 mass gainers in India by multiple trusted brands:

Best Mass Gainers in India


Total Servings

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer



Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass



Avvatar Mass Gainer



Absolute Nutrition Elephant Mass



MuscleBlaze XXL Mass Gainer



Gibbon Mass Gainer



Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass



MuscleTech Mass-Tech Elite



Mass JYM Mass Gainer



Repfuel Swole Mass Gainer



How to Choose the Best Mass Gainer?

Choosing the best mass gainer powder can be difficult. This is because there is a wide variety of options available in the market. However, you can read our guidelines to choose the best mass gainer for yourself:

  • Read Reviews: If you are looking forward to building muscle mass, you should always check reviews before buying the mass gainer supplement. Read reviews by past customers to stay confident about your preference. You can read reviews on Google and many trusted review websites.
  • Check Ingredients: Different brands have different ingredient profiles. Thus, every mass gainer comes with different formulations. Before choosing one, always check the values of carbs, protein, fats, and important ingredients. Moreover, choose a mass gainer that meets your gaining requirements.
  • Avoid Harmful Additives: Some muscle mass gainers come with additives that are not good for overall health. These additives may include sugar and preservatives. If you are allergic to specific additives, choose a gainer without harmful preservatives.
  • Check Authenticity: The most important factor before choosing the best mass gainer is checking for authenticity. Nowadays, many brands deal in fake supplements. To stay assured, always choose the original mass gainer. Check for the authenticity slip and verify it with the brand.

Mass Gainer Side Effects

Mass gainers are a good option for people who want to gain and build muscle mass. However, there are a few mass gainer side effects you should know. This is why it is important to use any health supplement as suggested. From fat gain to stomach issues, below are the disadvantages of using it:

  • Fat Gain: If you are using a mass gainer without physical exercise, it may cause fat gain due to high-calorie content. Thus, your body stores extra calories as fat due to inactivity! That is why, it is always advisable to use a mass gainer only when you are doing regular workouts.
  • Unhealthy Weight Gain: You should always be careful while choosing a mass gainer supplement. Many gainers have a high amount of added sugar and harmful ingredients. Therefore, if you choose such supplements, you may gain unhealthy weight. Equally important, it is best to choose a mass gainer that does not contain harmful ingredients. Always read the label to learn about the ingredients.
  • Affects Kidney Health: In many cases, mass gainers are found to be associated with kidney stones. Therefore, always consult a healthcare professional or a dietitian before consuming a gainer.
  • Affects Liver Health: If used incorrectly, mass gainer supplements can affect your liver. You should not mix a gainer with alcohol as it can cause serious liver issues. Moreover, always follow the recommended guidelines that are mentioned on the product label.
  • Stomach Issues: Another mass gainer side effect includes stomach problems. If you exceed the recommended serving, you may suffer from problems like nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. This is because sometimes the mass gainer doesn't break down in your stomach and affects your gut health.

Precautions Before Consuming Mass Gainer

There are certain precautions you should consider before consuming a mass gainer protein. These may include:

  • Make sure that you choose a mass gainer that should not contain high amounts of sugar.
  • If you are suffering from kidney problems, always check for creatinine levels. This is because excessive creatinine may cause kidney damage.
  • If you are a lactose-intolerant, you should always read the unsuitable ingredients on the label.
  • Do not consume a mass gainer supplement if you are not doing physical exercise. This is because it may cause unexpected fat gain. 

To stay assured, always consult a healthcare professional or a nutritionist before consuming a gainer.

How to Consume Mass Gainer?

Before choosing a mass gainer, you should know how to use it correctly. Below are some important points to use it safely:

  • Recommended Serving Size: Always follow the recommended serving size mentioned on the mass gainer label. Usually, you can use 1-2 scoops of mass gainer powder, or as suggested by a health instructor.
  • Mixing: Add the suggested amount of gainer supplement to a shaker or a blender.
  • Liquid Base: Add water or milk as per your preference into the shaker/blender. If you have caloric goals, adding milk is a better option!
  • Blend/Shake: For a smooth consistency, blend the mass gainer or shake well in a shaker to avoid lumps.
  • Additional Calories: To increase caloric intake, you can add nut butter, yogurt, or fruits.
  • Timing: Consume a mass gainer protein after your workout or between meals, depending on your gaming strategy.
  • Consistency: Consume a mass gainer shake on time and use it until you reach your muscle-gaining goals.
  • Hydration: Drink enough water all day long to stay hydrated. This is important especially when you are consuming a high-calorie supplement.

Is Mass Gainer Safe to Consume?

Mass gainers are generally safe if you consume them as directed. However, many individual factors affect safety!

Some considerations are as follows:

  • Individual Health Status: If you are underlying any medical condition or have an allergy to specific ingredients, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before consuming mass gainer.
  • Digestive Sensitivity: Some people may experience digestive issues. This is due to the high-calorie content in a mass gainer. Therefore, you should start with a smaller serving to assess tolerance.
  • Allergies: Some people are allergic to specific ingredients. In that case, you should read the nutritional facts of mass gainers to stay assured!
  • Balanced Diet: While mass gainers contain high calories needed for gaining, it is not for meal replacement! Thus, it is important to maintain a balanced diet.
  • Underlying Health Conditions: If you are suffering from medical conditions like diabetes and kidney problems, consult a healthcare professional before using a mass gainer powder.

Above all, mass gainers are safe to consume when it comes to muscle gain. However, you should take necessary precautions and advice from your dietitian before consuming!

When to Consume Mass Gainer?

If you do physical exercise, you should consume a mass gainer supplement just before or after a workout. After a workout, your body has a higher metabolism rate to consume nutrients effectively. Taking gainers on time provides a good amount of calories and protein to meet your gaining goals. Remember, you should not exceed the recommended serving to avoid any adverse side effects.

Why Buy Mass Gainers From Nutriride?

At Nutriride, you will find various mass gainers to stay fit and healthy. If you want to increase your muscle mass and stay physically fit, Nutriride is the right online store for you. Moreover, you will only get authentic health supplements from verified importers only. Nutriride lets you choose mass gainers from reputed brands including Labrada, Avvatar, Repfuel Sports, Absolute Nutrition, Ronnie Coleman, and JYM. In addition, Nutriride focuses on offering dietary supplements at the most reasonable prices!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Mass Gainer 

1) Are Mass Gainers Good? 

If you follow the recommended dosage, mass gainer powders are safe to use. It is a good supplement to gain muscle mass. Remember, it is important to take more calories than you burn to have successful gains.

2) Can I Take Mass Gainer Without Gym? 

You should not consume a mass gainer if you are not doing any physical exercise. This is because it will increase fat in your body due to high caloric content. In short, you need a balanced diet and a regular workout to get the benefits.

3) Which is better Whey Protein or Mass Gainer? 

Mass gainers are used to increase muscle mass. It is a perfect supplement for consuming more calories and putting on weight. On the other hand, whey protein is rich in protein and contains minimal calories. Basically, it is used for post-workout recovery due to the presence of amino acids.

4) Are Mass Gainers Healthy? 

Most muscle mass gainers are generally safe for you. However, some brands provide gainers that contain sugar and artificial sweeteners to increase the calorie content. Moreover, do not prefer such supplements to avoid any health issues. Always buy a mass gainer with no added sugar and preservatives to stay healthy.

5) For How Long I Can Consume a Mass Gainer?

You can use a mass gainer supplement as long as you achieve your fitness goal. Always monitor your progress and choose the right amount of serving to stay safe from any side effects. Always consult a health professional or a dietitian to know about the long-term use.

6) Can I Mix Mass Gainer with Other Supplements?

Yes, you can mix gainers with other supplements like creatine, pre-workout, and protein powders. However, you should always take advice from a health instructor to stay assured about the safe serving size.

7) When Mass Gainer Should Be Taken

For successful muscle gain, many people usually consume a mass gainer supplement within 15-60 minutes after a workout.

8) What is the Mass Gainer 5kg Price in India?

Mass gainer price of 5kg in India ranges between 3449 to 6989, depending on which brand product you choose! A few popular mass gainer brands are Avvatar, Labrada, Kevin Levrone, and GNC.

9) Can Mass Gainer Increase Weight?

Yes, mass gainers are formulated to increase weight. It contains high-calorie content to meet the daily requirement for muscle mass gains.

10) How Mass Gainer Works?

A mass gainer supplement works by providing high-calorie ingredients. It contains a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. These ingredients support muscle growth and weight gain.

11) Will Mass Gainer Make You Gain Weight?

Yes, mass gainers are purposed to gain weight and increase muscle mass. If you are skinny and want to gain weight, a muscle mass gainer is best to gain weight.

12) Which Mass Gainer Is Best?

A good mass gainer contains a balanced profile of caloric ingredients like fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. Moreover, the best gainer is free from excess sugar content and harmful artificial sweeteners. Some best mass gainers are Kevin Levrone Anabolic Mass, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, and Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer.

13) What Mass Gainers Do?

The main work of a mass gainer is to provide enough calories and increase muscle mass. It is a concentrated source of protein, carbohydrates, calories, and fats. This nutrition profile helps in muscle growth and bulking up.