Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer, 3Kg Chocolate
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Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer
Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer
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Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer 3Kg


If you're on a mission to pack on serious muscle mass and unleash your true strength, look no further than Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer. Specially formulated by the renowned Labrada Nutrition, this high-calorie mass gainer is a game-changer for individuals seeking to break through plateaus and achieve significant muscle growth. With a powerful blend of premium ingredients, Labrada Weight Gainer offers a convenient and effective solution to fuel your workouts and support muscle recovery like never before. Whether you're a hard gainer struggling to gain weight or an athlete aiming to optimize muscle development, this mass gainer provides the essential nutrients necessary to maximize your muscle-building potential and take your fitness journey to new heights. At Nutriride, Pay the lowest & reasonable Labrada Gainer 3Kg Price and get 100% Authentic Nutrition, promised!

Moreover, this health supplement is designed to cater to the needs of those with high-calorie requirements and a desire for substantial muscle gains. With its balanced macronutrient profile, the Labrada Mass Gainer 3Kg packs a punch with a perfect combination of fast and slow-digesting proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving delivers a generous amount of calories, providing the fuel required to power through intense workouts and support muscle recovery and growth. Equally important, the company was founded in 1995 in the United States by Mr Lee Labrada and it is no coincidence that it is probably the Best Weight Gainer in India. Whether you're an aspiring bodybuilder, an endurance athlete, or simply aiming to build a stronger physique, this product is your ultimate ally in your quest for size, strength, and performance.

Labrada Mass Gainer 3Kg Benefits

1. Promotes Muscle Growth

The internationally renowned Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer is rich in high-quality proteins, including fast-acting whey protein concentrate and slow-digesting micellar casein. This potent protein blend provides the essential amino acids necessary for muscle repair and growth, promoting significant gains in lean muscle mass.

2. High-Calorie Formula

With its high-calorie content, it offers a convenient way to consume a surplus of calories, essential for those with high energy expenditure or difficulty gaining weight. The surplus calories help create an anabolic environment that supports muscle building in the most effective way!

3. Complex Carbohydrates

This health supplement at Nutriride contains complex carbohydrates like maltodextrin and whole oat flour, which provide a sustained source of energy to fuel intense workouts and replenish glycogen stores after exercise. The carbohydrates aid in muscle recovery and prevent excessive muscle breakdown.

4. Enhances Strength and Power

Having a positive Labrada Mass Gainer Review, the combination of protein and carbohydrates provides the energy needed to increase workout intensity and performance. As a result, users experience improvements in strength and power during resistance training and other athletic activities.

5. Fast Muscle Recovery

The rich amino acid profile and adequate carbohydrate content in this mass gainer facilitate rapid muscle recovery after intense training sessions. Further, this helps reduce muscle soreness and enhances overall workout efficiency at the gym. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best-selling products of the brand!

6. Balanced Nutrient Profile

Mass Gainers are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring that your body receives a comprehensive range of nutrients to support overall health and well-being. These nutrients also play a crucial role in supporting various physiological processes, including better immune function and metabolism.

7. Convenient and Delicious

Available in a variety of delicious flavors, Labrada Mass Gainer 3Kg is all you need to make a healthy and tasty shake for an outstanding performance. At Nutriride, shop for delectable flavors like Chocolate, Mocha, and Vanilla. Choose a flavor that your taste buds allow you to! However, the most preferred flavor is Mocha!

How to Use?


Using Labrada Mass Gainer is easy and straightforward. Here's a brief explanation of how to use it effectively:

1. Serving Size: Determine your caloric and protein requirements based on your fitness goals and activity level. Refer to the product label for the recommended serving size, which may vary depending on your individual needs. However, during training days, mix 1 serving with milk or water and consume it in the morning and after your workout.

2. Mix: In a shaker bottle or blender, add the recommended serving of this health supplement.

3. Liquid: Pour your preferred liquid, such as water or milk, into the shaker bottle or blender. The amount of liquid can be adjusted to achieve your desired consistency. For best results, mix in milk!

4. Shake or Blend: Secure the lid on the shaker bottle or blend the mixture until the powder is fully dissolved and a smooth shakeis formed.

5. Enjoy: Drink the shake immediately after preparing it or refrigerate it if you prefer a chilled beverage.

6. Timing: Consume the shake at various times throughout the day, such as post-workout,as a meal replacement, or in-between meals to supplement your daily calorie and protein intake.

7. Consistency: For optimal results, use it consistently as part of your overall nutrition and workout routine.


1. How to Find Genuine Labrada Nutrition Muscle Mass Gainer Stores?

Where every shopkeeper/online store claims to sell genuine products, it has been observed that only a few suppliers have authorized certificates and verified importers. For assured supplements, you can choose to buy from Nutriride and check the authenticity certificate at any time!

2. Does Labrada Mass Gainer Promote Muscle Recovery?

Yes, it pretty much does! This is because it includes an extremely effective recovery blend that consists of 52g of protein. Moreover, this helps keep your body in a true anabolic state and further prevents any chances of muscle loss.

3. How to Check Labrada Nutrition Authenticity?

If you buy health supplements from an authentic supplier like Nutriride, then your product will have a scratch slip (mostly on the cap). Simply scratch it to get the unique code and paste the code into the TrueMPN App - Android | iOS

4. Is Labrada Nutrition an Indian Brand?

Labrada Nutrition is not an Indian brand. In fact, it is a well-known American brand founded by Lee Labrada, a former professional bodybuilder and IFBB Hall of Famer. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and has been operating since 1995. However, the company has a profound customer base in India.

5. Can I Mix it with Other Ingredients?

Absolutely! It can be customized by adding fruits, peanut butter, oats, or other ingredients to enhance the taste and nutrient profile. However, be mindful of the overall caloric and macronutrient content when adding extras.

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