Labrada Glutalean Recovery Powder 250g
Labrada Glutamine Recovery Powder 250g
Labrada L-Glutalean Recovery Powder 250g

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Muscle Recovery


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Labrada Glutalean Recovery Powder 250g

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Labrada Glutamine Glutalean 250g


Labrada Glutamine Glutalean stands as a testament to the essential role that played in the realm of fitness and overall well-being. As a conditionally Essential Amino Acid, it is abundantly found in the body, especially in muscles. However, during periods of intense physical activity, stress, illness, or injury, the body's demand for it increases significantly. This is where Labrada Glutalean steps in. With its high-quality formulation containing 5g of pure L-Glutamine per serving, it serves as a potent supplement for individuals engaged in rigorous exercise routines or those seeking to support their muscle recovery processes and immune system.


Formulated by Mr Lee Labrada , the brand is already popular for offering nutraceuticals like Labrada Whey Protein . Glutamine is a critical component of the body's immune system. It supports the functioning of immune cells, enhancing the body's ability to combat infections and illnesses. Additionally, in the context of fitness, Glutamine and Bodybuilding go hand in hand and is renowned for its ability to aid in muscle recovery and repair. After intense workouts, muscles often experience micro-tears, which, when repaired, lead to muscle growth and strength. Moreover, it acts as a key player in this process, facilitating quicker recovery and reducing muscle soreness. Glutalean Recovery 250g, with its 5g dosage, provides athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a convenient and effective way to replenish their Glutamine levels, ensuring their muscles are well-nourished and supported for the next workout.


Originating in the USA and renowned worldwide, it is probably the Best Glutamine in India at present among fitness enthusiasts. Equally important, its impact extends beyond physical recovery. It also supports mental well-being during periods of stress and intense training. It is a precursor to neurotransmitters, which are essential for brain function and mood regulation. By ensuring optimal levels of it, individuals can experience enhanced mental clarity and focus, which are invaluable assets during both workouts and daily activities. With its pure and potent content, this health supplement stands as a foundational supplement in the fitness regimen of many, promoting not just physical recovery but also overall vitality and mental resilience. At Nutriride, pay the most competitive Glutalean Price for 250g with a guarantee of authenticity . Take advantage of benefits like Free Standard Delivery, Freebies, and Pay Later. Also, learn about Labrada Mass Gainer if you are looking for a promising gaining supplement!


Labrada Glutalean Benefits For Muscle Recovery


Labrada Glutamine, with its high-quality offers a multitude of benefits, supporting not only physical recovery and performance but also overall health and well-being. Certainly, here are 5 detailed advantages of consuming this dietary supplement:


1. Accelerated Muscle Recovery

It provides the body with a rich source of L-Glutamine, a crucial Amino Acid for muscle recovery. After intense physical activity, muscles experience stress and minor injuries. It helps in repairing these muscles swiftly, reducing recovery time, and enabling individuals to resume their training regimen more rapidly. This accelerated recovery is particularly beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders engaged in rigorous workouts. Also, learn about Crealean for recovery!


2. Enhanced Immune Function

Labrada Glutalean plays a vital role in supporting the immune system. It aids in the proper functioning of immune cells, ensuring the body's defense mechanisms are robust. By supplementing, individuals can fortify their immune system, reducing the risk of infections and illnesses. This is especially valuable during intense training phases when the body's immune system might be compromised.


3. Reduced Muscle Soreness

Intense physical activity often leads to muscle soreness, which can hinder regular training. It helps in minimizing muscle soreness. It does so by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress in the muscles, allowing individuals to train more comfortably and consistently. For weight management, check out Labrada L Carnitine .


4. Supports Gut Health

Labrada Glutamine 250g is a crucial nutrient for the cells lining the intestines. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier, preventing "leaky gut" syndrome. By promoting intestinal health, it contributes to better nutrient absorption, ensuring that the body efficiently utilizes the nutrients from the diet. At is among the Best L Glutamine For Gut Health in the market!


5. Enhanced Mental Focus and Clarity

This health supplement is also essential for brain function. Supplementing your day with it can enhance mental focus, clarity, and overall cognitive function. This benefit is valuable not only for athletes during training but also for anyone seeking improved mental acuity in their daily activities.


How To Use?


Consuming Labrada Glutalean Glutamine is very easy and convenient. Simply add 1 teaspoon (about 5g powder) to a glass filled with 300ml of cold water. Stir or shake well before use. The recommended dosage is 1 or 2 servings per day, or as directed by your instructor/dietitian. Do not exceed the recommended serving to avoid the side effects. It is always suggested to begin with low serving. If you are suffering from any medical condition, on any medications, or suffer from a bad experience after consuming this dietary supplement, contact a healthcare professional.




1. When is the Best Time to Take Labrada GlutaLean?

The ideal time is after workouts. This post-workout supplementation helps replenish the depleted Glutamine levels, supporting muscle recovery and reducing post-exercise soreness. Equally important, it can also be taken before bedtime to aid in overnight muscle repair.


2.Is It Suitable For Vegetarians and Vegans?

Yes, the robust Glutalean Recovery 250g is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it is a plant-derived amino acid supplement. It does not contain animal products, making it compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets.


3. What are Labrada Glutalean Side Effects?

Like other Glutamine supplements, it is generally safe when taken in recommended doses. However, if you exceed the recommended serving per day, it may lead to mild gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating or gas. Equally important, individuals with kidney issues or allergies should consult a healthcare professional before use.


4. Is It Safe to Take Creatine Long-Term?

Generally, it is safe to consume Crealean for a long time. However, the length of time totally depends on the person. For some, at least 4 months of daily use is advantageous while for others, it could be up to 12 months. Do not exceed the suggested dosage as it may lead to side effects. For prolonged use, consulting a health professional is advisable!


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