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Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid 450ml

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Flavours: Pina Colada

Pina Colada
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Size: 450ml

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Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid 3000MG


Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid 3000mg stands out as a powerful and meticulously crafted supplement in the world of fitness and nutrition. Packed with energy production. Owned by Parag Milk Foods Limited , is very popular for offering various health supplements. One of them is Avvatar Nutrition is a renowned Indian supplements brand having a promising range of nutrition. The robust ingredient helps transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells, where they are oxidized to produce energy. By facilitating the utilization of fat as an energy source, it aids in promoting fat metabolism and, consequently, supports weight management and endurance during workouts. Avvatar Whey Protein is another popular supplement, delivering 27g Protein and 6g BCAA.

Probably the Best Fat Management Liquid on the market, the formulation doesn't stop there; Avvatar L-Carnitine 3000mg combines with key ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Green Tea Extract, renowned for its antioxidant properties and potential to support metabolism, adds a valuable dimension to the supplement. Green Coffee Bean Extract, derived from unroasted coffee beans, is rich in chlorogenic acid, believed to have beneficial effects on blood sugar levels and metabolism. Additionally, Piper Nigrum, commonly known as black pepper, has been included to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of these potent ingredients, ensuring that the body can efficiently utilize the benefits they offer. Also, learn about Avvatar Isorich, an isolate protein supplement known for its purity and quality.

What enhances the appeal of Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid is not just its potent formulation but also the delightful experience it offers. Available in two refreshing flavors, Pina Colada and Pink Lemonade, it transforms the supplementation routine into a satisfying ritual. The 450ml bottle containing 30 servings, ensures a consistent supply of these essential nutrients. Whether you're an athlete striving for enhanced endurance or someone on a fitness journey seeking effective weight management, the product proves to be a valuable ally, providing not just a supplement, but a holistic approach to fitness and vitality. By paying the lowest Avvatar L Carnitine Price at Nutriride, get ready to convert your fat into energy with no hassle. Equally important, get additional benefits like Pay Later Options, Easy Returns, and Dedicated Customer Support!

Avvatar L Carnitine Benefits


Having a bunch of Avvatar L Carnitine Benefits, this Indian health supplement plays an important role in the fat management journey. From enhanced fat metabolism to elevated energy, learn about the 5 advantages of consuming this robust liquid and how it can boost your fitness goals:

1. Enhanced Fat Metabolism

It contains 3000mg of L-Carnitine in liquid form, a vital amino acid that aids in successfully transporting fatty acids into cells' mitochondria, where they are converted into energy. This process supports enhanced fat metabolism, making it an excellent supplement for those aiming for weight management and fat loss.

2. Increased Endurance and Energy

By promoting the utilization of fat as an energy source, Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid helps increase endurance levels during workouts. Users experience sustained energy, allowing them to engage in more extended and more intense training sessions, leading to better athletic performance and improved fitness results. For people looking for mass gains, choosing Avvatar Mass Gainer is a wise choice!

3. Antioxidant Support

Being a part of Avvatar Pre Workout (it is consumed just before the workout), the addition of Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant properties. Antioxidants combat oxidative stress, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals. This support in cellular health is essential for overall well-being, especially for individuals leading an active lifestyle.

4. Effective Weight Management

Probably the Best L Carnitine in India in this price range, its role in fat metabolism makes it a valuable aid in weight management programs. By utilizing stored fat for energy, it contributes to a healthier body composition, assisting individuals in achieving their weight loss goals effectively and efficiently. For information, also learn about Avvatar Alpha Whey , a protein-infused with Glutamic acid, used in protein biosynthesis in the human body.

5. Delicious and Refreshing Flavors

If you are really looking to Buy L Carnitine Online with promising results, then look no further! One of the unique benefits of Avvatar L Carnitine 3000mg is its delightful taste. Available in tasty flavors like Pina Colada and Pink Lemonade , it transforms the supplementing experience from a routine task to an enjoyable treat. This not only ensures easy consumption but also adds a touch of enjoyment to one's fitness journey, making it more sustainable and satisfying.

How To Use?


The recommended usage involves consuming 1 Serving of Avvatar L Carnitine, which equals 15ml (2 Tablespoons) of the liquid, once a day. This convenient serving size ensures a consistent intake of essential nutrients, providing your body with the benefits and other key ingredients. For optimal results, the liquid can be consumed in two convenient ways. You can take it directly or mix it with water according to your preference, making it a versatile addition to your supplementation routine.

For athletes and bodybuilders seeking an energy boost during their workout sessions, it's advisable to consume it approximately 15-20 minutes before your workout. Additionally, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplement into your routine, especially if you have existing health conditions or are taking medications. Equally important, do not exceed the recommended



1. What is Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid Use?

It contains L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Piper Nigrum. it aids in fat metabolism by transporting fatty acids into cells' mitochondria, where they are converted into energy. The extracts included in this liquid supplement provide antioxidant support too!

2. Can I Mix It With Any Beverage?

It is not recommended to mix Avvatar L Carnitine with any beverage. However, you can mix it with water. Also, if you are used to its strong taste, you can also consume it without diluting. It offers versatility in consumption, allowing you to tailor it to your taste preferences.

3. Is It Safe To Take Avvatar L Carnitine Daily?

L-carnitine is totally safe when taken for up to 12 months. However, you should stick to the recommended serving (15ml/day). If you exceed it, it may cause side effects like stomach upset, diarrhea, and heartburn. Furthermore, it can cause a “fishy odor” in breath, urine, and sweat.

4. Is It Suitable For Vegetarians?

Yes, the fat-managing Avvatar L-Carnitine 3000mg is suitable for vegetarians. While it can be sourced from meat, supplements often use synthetic or plant-based forms, making it suitable for individuals following a vegetarian lifestyle. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting this dietary supplement!

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