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Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid 450ml

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Avvatar L Carnitine

For fat loss, Avvatar L Carnitine is a potent health supplement. This liquid sports nutrition supports energy production and weight management for optimal results. It contains 3g of l carnitine that helps convert body fat into energy. It also contains some essential extracts of green tea, black pepper, and green coffee beans. These ingredients enhance athletic performance and well-being. Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid is an important sports nutrition to generate more energy by transporting fatty acids into mitochondria. By converting stored fat into energy, it provides energy and promotes fat metabolism. In other words, this dietary supplement assists in the weight loss journey by boosting fat metabolism. In addition, Avvatar L Carnitine contains essential extracts too! Green tea and green coffee bean extract offer antioxidant properties and enhance overall metabolism. Black pepper extract (piper nigrum) helps in important nutrient absorption and assists in fat loss.

Benefits of Avvatar L Carnitine


An important supplement in the world of fitness, Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid is designed to support fat loss journey. It contains important ingredients to boost fat metabolism, increase energy levels, and enhance athletic performance. Here are the key benefits of using this dietary supplement to achieve fitness goals:

1. Boosts Fat Metabolism

Avvatar L Carnitine is one of the best fat burners in India. It plays an important role in converting stored fat into energy. It supports your weight loss journey and helps you achieve fat loss goals without problem. Thus, the converted energy can be used during training sessions for optimal performance. By improving fat metabolism, it uses fat stores to convert into energy for use.

2. Increases Energy Production

Another important benefit of Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid is, that it increases energy production for enhanced workout sessions. As mentioned earlier, it converts fatty acids into usable energy. Equally important, it boosts ATP production which provides enhanced endurance and energy levels.

3. Contributes to Cardiovascular Health

Avvatar L Carnitine contributes to good cardiovascular health. Regular supplementation with liquid carnitine reduces the risk of heart problems and assists in good heart health. It improves body circulation and heart function.

How to Use Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid


As a dietary supplement, consume 2 teaspoons (about 15ml) of Avvatar L Carnitine. You can also dilute the liquid as per your choice. For optimal results, use on an empty stomach and 15-20 minutes before a training session. L carnitine is a potent sports nutrition that helps boost fat metabolism and convert body fat into energy for enhanced physical performance. Do not exceed the recommended serving per day. For more details, read the product label.

Your Attention Please!

Consume Avvatar Whey Protein for enhanced muscle growth, repair, and recovery after training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Avvatar L Carnitine


1. What is Avvatar L Carnitine Price?

At Nutriride, the price of Avvatar L Carnitine is ₹1,099. Get a flat 45% discount with free and fast delivery in PAN India. Get 100% original product with the lowest price, guaranteed!

2. What is Avvatar L Canitine Review?

Made in India, Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid promotes fat metabolism. It contains 3g of carnitine that converts body fat into energy for optimal performance. It also contains black pepper extract that supports cardiovascular health.

3. What are Avvatar L Carnitine Benefits?

Used as a fat burner, Avvatar L Carnitine is a liquid health supplement that boosts fat metabolism, increases energy, and supports cardiovascular health. Consuming it before a workout helps convert fat into energy that can be used to optimize athletic performance.

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