One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Chocolate Charge
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Cafe Mocha
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Blueberry Muffin
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Strawberry White Chocolate
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Neapolitan Ice Cream
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Vanilla Swirl
One Science 100% Premium Whey Protein 5lb, Banana Split
One Science 100% Premium Whey Protein 5lb, Vanilla Very Berry
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Benefits
One Science Premium Whey Protein 5 Lb Nutrition Facts
One Science Premium Whey Protein 1Lb, Neapolitan Ice Cream
One Science Premium Whey Protein 1Lb, Chocolate Charge
One Science Premium Whey Protein 2Lb, Blueberry Muffin
One Science Premium Whey Protein 2Lb, Neapolitan Ice Cream
One Science Premium Whey Protein 2Lb, Chocolate Charge
One Science Premium Whey Protein 10Lb, Chocolate Charge

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Muscle Recovery





390 Kcal







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One Science 100% Premium Whey Protein

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Flavours: Chocolate Charge

Chocolate Charge
Cafe Mocha
Blueberry Muffin
Strawberry White Chocolate
Nepolitian Ice Cream
Vanilla Swirl
Cranberry Pie
Banana Split
Vanilla Very Berry

Size: 2.27Kg

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One Science Premium Whey Protein 5Lbs


In the realm of fitness and nutrition, protein supplementation has become a cornerstone for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts striving to achieve peak performance and optimal muscle growth. Among the myriad protein products available, One Science Premium Whey Protein emerges as a formidable player, standing tall as a testament to innovation, quality, and unparalleled results. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this advanced whey protein concentrate has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to elevate workouts, expedite recovery, and support overall fitness endeavors. At the heart of One Science Premium Whey Protein lies a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering individuals to push their boundaries and achieve greatness. Moreover, this whey protein supplement delivers a robust amino acid profile, including all essential amino acids that play a fundamental role in fueling muscle repair, growth, and recovery. 


Whether you're an elite athlete striving for podium finishes or a dedicated gym-goer aiming to sculpt a lean and chiseled physique, it is designed to cater to your aspirations. More than just a protein supplement, it embodies a philosophy centered on continuous improvement and unwavering dedication. Backed by cutting-edge research and formulated to the highest industry standards, this exceptional supplement serves as a catalyst, propelling individuals towards new heights of performance and unlocking their full potential. Focusing on purity, potency, and results, One Science Whey Protein 2Kg sets itself apart as a transformative force that has redefined protein supplementation and continues inspiring athletes worldwide to shatter barriers and embrace greatness. Furthermore, company’s ISO Gold is another variant that offer the purest form of protein. Pay the lowest One Science Premium Whey Protein Price at Nutritide and choose only genuine nutrition with exciting offers & deals of the day!


One Science Whey Protein Benefits


1. High-Quality Protein Source

Among the primary One Science Whey Protein Benefits is the high-quality protein quantity. It derives its strength from premium whey protein concentrate, which is considered one of the highest-quality protein sources available. Whey protein concentrate contains a rich and complete amino acid profile, including all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) required by the body. These essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained through diet, making them an invaluable source of these crucial nutrients.


2. Muscle Growth and Repair

Another important benefit is its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, the process by which muscles repair and grow. After intense workouts, muscles experience micro-tears, and consuming a protein-rich supplement like this one ensures that the body has an abundant supply of amino acids to repair and rebuild muscles, leading to enhanced muscle growth and faster recovery.


3. Fast Absorption and Digestion

Whey protein concentrate, the key ingredient is known for its rapid absorption and digestion. This means that the amino acids are quickly delivered to the muscles, making it an ideal choice for pre & post-workout fuel. Consuming this supplement before a workout provides a readily available source of amino acids to fuel the muscles during exercise while consuming it after a workout ensures prompt recovery and nutrient delivery to the muscles.


4. Low Fat and Carbohydrate Content

For those looking to build lean muscle or minimize overall caloric intake, it is simply a favorable option. It contains minimal fat and carbohydrates per serving, ensuring that you get the protein your muscles need without excess calories. This makes it suitable for those on calorie-restricted diets or anyone aiming for a leaner physique.


5. Enhanced Recovery and Reduced Muscle Soreness

The amino acids in this imported supplement have been shown to help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after strenuous exercise. By promoting faster recovery, this supplement allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to train more frequently and with greater intensity, leading to better overall performance.


6. Immune System Support

The high-quality protein offers essential building blocks for various immune cells and antibodies. Regular consumption of this supplement may contribute to a strengthened immune system, crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. Furthermore, there is no doubt why One Science Premium Whey Protein Reviews are so positive by regular consumers.


Use Like This!


To make the most of this amazing protein powder, follow these simple guidelines and set your own fitness records:


1. Post-Workout

Mix 1 scoop (approximately 30g) with 8-10 ounces of water or your preferred beverage. Shake well and consume within 30 minutes after your workout to initiate muscle recovery and replenish energy levels.


2. Daily Protein Intake

Whether you're seeking to meet your daily protein requirements or curb hunger between meals, mix one scoop with water or milk and savor it as a delicious protein shake.


3. Recipe Enhancement

Elevate the protein content of your favorite recipes by incorporating One Science Premium Whey Protein. From smoothies and pancakes to protein-packed snacks, the options are endless.



1. Is One Science Nutrition an Indian Brand?

No, it is not an Indian brand. In fact, it is an internationally renowned health supplements brand that originated in Hungary. It is one of the prime choices in the Indian market and is consumed by countless athletes and bodybuilders.


2. What are One Science Whey Protein Flavours?

Gone are the days when the supplements got awful taste. Taking into consideration the demand for delectable flavors, it is available in flavors like Banana, Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry White Chocolate, and Rich Chocolate. Choose a flavor as per your preference!


3. Can Women Use One Science Premium Whey Protein?

The simple answer is, Absolutely! It is suitable for both men and women who engage in physical activities and seek to enhance their muscle growth and recovery.


4. Is it for Individuals with Iactose Intolerance?

While whey protein concentrate contains some lactose, individuals with lactose intolerance can opt for a lactose-free protein alternative. However, if you are mild-intolerant, consuming it won’t have any side-effect. Consult a healthcare professional for guidance.


5. Does it Support Muscle Growth?

It is rich in essential amino acids, which play a vital role in muscle protein synthesis. This process facilitates the repair and growth of muscle tissues, leading to increased muscle mass over time.


6. Can it be Used for Weight Loss?

Yes, it can be beneficial for individuals seeking to manage weight while preserving lean muscle mass. Its low-fat and low-carb content make it a suitable choice for those on a weight loss journey.


7. How to Check One Science Protein Authenticity?

To check if the product is genuine or not, scratch the unique code (printed on the box) and SMS to 8510-012-244. You can also verify online by visiting this link and typing the code! Moreover, it is always recommended to buy from a renowned online shop like Nutriride that has got verified importers like Muscle House India.

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Customer Care : (+91) 730-266-0295
Country of Origin : Hungary

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