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Biogene Pharma is a renowned Nutrition Brand that specializes in providing high-quality nutritional supplements. With a commitment to promoting health, Biogene Pharma Whey Protein is among the best-selling products in the market. The impressive range of health supplements focuses on proteins, and fat burners like Biogene Pharma Leandrol. The company's dedication to quality is evident in its rigorous manufacturing processes, which adhere to strict industry standards to ensure potency, purity, and consistency. Another game-changer in fat burning is named BURN. With the amazing Biogene Pharma Burn 30 Tablets Review, it is popular among people struggling with excess fat. With no serious Biogene Pharma Adrenal X Side Effects (now Leandrol), you can choose the brand to improve your overall performance at the gym and work hard in the right direction.

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Biogene Pharma Creatine 250gm

Biogene Pharma Creatine Monohydrate

₹ 1,800₹ 949
Product Details FAQ'S Biogene Pharma Creatine 250g   Standing out as a potent and pure creatine monohydrate supplement, Biogene Pharma Creatine caters to the needs of athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness...
Biogene Pharma Biphasic Whey Protein 5Lbs

Biogene Pharma Bio Whey Biphasic Protein + Free Shaker

₹ 8,500₹ 4,189
Product DetailsFAQ'S Biogene Pharma Bio Whey Protein 5Lbs   Standing out as a superior choice in the world of protein supplements, Biogene Pharma Whey Protein offers a unique blend of...
Biogene Pharma Burn Fat Burning Tablets
30 Tablets

Biogene Pharma BURN

₹ 3,999₹ 1,699
Product Details FAQ'S Biogene Pharma Burn Fat Burner Tablets   A dietary supplement that belongs to the category of fat burners, Biogene Pharma Burn is designed to support individuals in...
Biogene Pharma Hard 30 Tablets
30 Tablets

Biogene Pharma Hard

₹ 2,999₹ 1,949
Biogene Pharma Hard 30 Tablets
Biogene Pharma Essential Aminos
30 Servings

Biogene Pharma Essential Aminos

₹ 3,000₹ 1,800
Product Details FAQ'S Biogene Pharma Essential Aminos 30 Servings   A renowned international health supplements brand hailing from Belgium, Biogene Pharma introduces their exceptional product, Biogene Pharma Essential Aminos. This...
Biogene Pharma Turmoil Pre Workout
30 Servings

Biogene Pharma Turmoil Pre Workout

₹ 2,999₹ 1,999
Product Details FAQ'S Biogene Pharma Turmoil Pre-Workout 30 Servings   An innovative pre-workout supplement from Belgium, Biogene Pharma Turmoil 270g stands out as a potent blend of scientifically backed ingredients...
Biogene Pharma Leandrol 30 Tablets
30 Tablets

Biogene Pharma Leandrol

₹ 5,000₹ 2,199
Product Details FAQ'S Biogene Pharma Leandrol 30 Tablets A revolutionary supplement featuring their Alpha Myodrol Formula, the robust Biogene Pharma Leandrol is specifically designed to support individuals in their fitness...

Biogene Pharma

Made in Belgium, Biogene Pharma is a reputed sports nutrition brand. It deals in many robust health supplements. For a serious athlete and professional bodybuilder, it offers the right nutrition to achieve fitness goals without hassles. Thus, Biogene Pharma is one of the best international brands in the Indian market with an impressive fanbase! For promising results, it provides protein, pre-workout, and many other important supplements. Moreover, these dietary supplements contain essential nutrients to elevate your athletic performance at the gym.

If you are a beginner or an experienced fitness freak, Biogene Pharma will help you accomplish your goals with the right form of nutrition. Therefore, the brand practices advanced scientific technology to manufacture its gym supplements. In India, the liking for bodybuilding and sculpting an impressive physique is always high! Thus, Biogene Pharma offers quality-assured products for each fitness goal. These goals may include muscle recovery, fat loss, strength, and gain! 

Why Choose Biogene Pharma Supplements?

Biogene Pharma Supplements are well-known for their quality ingredients. All products are made in Belgium and go through many quality checks. Therefore, the brand not only focuses on nutrition quality but reasonable prices too! As every individual has a different fitness goal, Biogene Pharma is truly dedicated to sports nutrition to fulfill each demand. From fat burning to muscle recovery to mass gain, the brand has become popular in recent years.

Before choosing Biogene Pharma Supplements, it is important to learn about the benefits. A few notable advantages include:

  • Wide Range of Sports Nutrition: To meet the daily nutrition requirement, Biogene Pharma has many supplements. Each dietary product is truly dedicated to offering benefits for a particular goal. For instance, Essential Amino Acids are used to stimulate muscle protein synthesis in your body. Whereas, creatine monohydrate can be consumed to elevate muscle strength. Moreover, Biogene Pharma Supplements offers a variety of products with the best ingredient quality!
  • Quality Assurance: Take advantage of imported ingredients used in all Biogene Pharma products. Born in Belgium, the brand provides impressive quality supplements to its consumers. Maverick Services is the official importer of Biogene Pharma. Moreover, the complete range goes through many tests to offer the best quality to buyers.
  • Transparency of Nutrients: The best part of the brand is, that it is free from any banned substances and harmful nutrients. This promises transparency to the end user! Thus, every nutrient is mentioned on the label of the product. You can also check for the pack label to learn about the ingredient profile!

Biogene Pharma Whey Protein

Choosing Biogene Pharma Whey Protein is a superior choice for many reasons. It offers a unique blend of robust ingredients and features. Therefore, it is a Biphasic protein with 100% grass-fed whey concentrate and whey isolate blend. Biogene Pharma Bio Whey contains 25g of pure protein per serving. Thus, it offers 15g of fast-absorbing whey isolate and 10g of whey concentrate protein. It also contains notable amino acids to steady the flow of nutrients to support faster muscle growth and recovery.

Having digestive enzymes like Papain and Protease, Biogene Pharma Whey Protein is free from sugar. It is a low-carb health supplement with no gluten for lean muscle mass development! Moreover, it is a low-lactose formula for easy digestion. For effective muscle building, it contains 5.5g of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). Also, these BCAAs support faster muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness after intense exercise. To know more about Biogene Pharma Bio Whey, let's learn about its benefits. Below are the advantages of consuming this dietary supplement:

  • High-Quality Protein: It offers the best-quality protein blend which is derived from grass-fed whey isolate and protein concentrate. Thus, Biogene Pharma Whey Protein is rich in Essential Amino Acids to support muscle growth and recovery.
  • Sustained & Fast Release: What makes Biogene Pharma Bio Whey different is its release in the body. 15g of whey isolate absorbs faster into the bloodstream, whereas 10g of whey concentrate has a "sustained release" feature.
  • Sugar-Free Formula: Another benefit of this biphasic whey protein is, it is free from added sugars. Thus, it is the best supplement for those who are on low-carb diets. The product contained reduced lactose, preferable for lactose-sensitive individuals. In addition, it contains digestive enzymes for easy protein digestion.
  • Elevated Muscle Recovery: Packed with 5.5g of BCAAs, it promotes rapid muscle recovery. Biogene Pharma Whey Protein also contains essential amino acids like valine, leucine, and isoleucine to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

Biogene Pharma Creatine

to enhance athletic performance and promote muscle growth, creatine plays a vital role. No matter if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, it is among the important sports nutrition. To fulfill your needs, Biogene Pharma Creatine is a good choice! It contains 3000mg of pure creatine to elevate creatine levels in your body. Equally important, creatine plays an important role in energy metabolism during intense workouts and short-duration exercises. These workouts include sprinting and powerlifting.

With 83 servings per container, this creatine monohydrate supplies long-lasting effects to enhance your physical activity! Moreover, Biogene Pharma Creatine is known for its purity to enhance muscle strength and lean muscle mass. By increasing phosphocreatine stores in the body, aids in the fast regeneration of Adenosine Triphosphate. In return, it enables bodybuilders to go beyond lifting capabilities! To know more about this health supplement, read about its benefits below:

  • Enhanced Muscle Strength: Creatine is known to elevate muscle strength and power. That's the reason many bodybuilders and serious athletes consume it! Increasing the availability of ATP enhances the short burst of intense physical activities. In other words, it prepares you to lift heavier weights and perform explosive movements at the gym.
  • Increased Muscle Mass: with 3g of pure creatine monohydrate, Biogene Pharma Creatine contributes to cell volumization. Therefore, it draws water into muscle cells to increase muscle mass. Increasing cell hydration enables muscle growth and makes you feel pumped.
  • Faster Muscle Recovery: Muscle soreness and damage are common after a workout. Biogene Pharma Creatine effectively reduces muscle cell damage after vigorous physical activity. Moreover, it enhances the body's ability to replenish ATP stores to promote muscle recovery.

Biogene Pharma Leandrol

If you are seeking lean muscle mass, then Biogene Pharma Leandol is a perfect choice for you! These tablets are designed to act as a testosterone booster and promote fat burning. Formerly known as Biogene Pharma Adrenal X, this is among the best supplements for lean muscle growth in India. It contains D Aspartic acid, a crucial amino acid to promote testosterone in the body. When your testosterone levels are increased, it contributes to faster muscle building and repair.

Biogene Pharma Leandrol contains Maca Roots, an adaptogenic herb that supports stamina, hormonal balance, and endurance. It also contains Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) that enhances muscle strength and improves your workout performance. What's more, Biogene Pharma Adrenal X contains Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. It is a natural herb that supports muscle growth and acts like an energy booster! Nutrients do not stop here! Yohimbine acts as a fat burner for stubborn fat areas and Panax Ginseng offers better endurance! Some important benefits are listed below:

  • Faster Muscle Growth: The D Aspartic amino acid boosts testosterone production. Therefore, it enhances muscle protein synthesis in the body. Thus, it improves muscle density and accelerates muscle growth.
  • Increased Testosterone Levels: The presence of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and Dehydroepiandrosterone in Biogene Pharma Leandrol promotes testosterone production. This improves muscle mass and strength.
  • More Stamina and Endurance: Panax Ginseng enhances stamina and endurance. These natural nutrients reduce fatigue, lower stress, and elevate energy levels. Furthermore, it also leads to better cardiovascular health.
  • Promotes Fat Burning: Yohimbine in Biogene Pharma Leandrol targets stubborn body fat. It increases the stored fat release from fat cells and makes it available for energy production. By consuming these tablets, you can experience better fat loss!

Essential Biogene Pharma Supplements for Bodybuilding

For successful bodybuilding, you need a wide range of supplements. Except for protein and creatine powder, there are other essential Biogene Pharma supplements to enhance your journey. Below is the list of those essential sports nutrition products:

  • Biogene Pharma Burn: Biogene Pharma Burn assists in weight management. It contains caffeine, a robust stimulant that increases energy levels and enhances mental focus. Moreover, it contains thermogenic ingredients like Yohimbine, ECA Stack, and Higenamine. These ingredients are involved in heat generation to burn calories rapidly!
  • Biogene Pharma Turmoil: This product belongs to the category of pre-workouts. To optimize athletic performance and mental clarity, Biogene Pharma Turmoil contains robust ingredients. 3g of Beta-Alanine enhances muscular endurance and reduces muscle fatigue. 1.5g of Betaine Anhydrous creates a dynamic synergy, enhancing strength and power output.
  • Biogene Pharma Essential Aminos: Packed with 6g of pure EAAs, Biogene Pharma Essential Aminos promotes muscle repair and growth! Essential Amino Acids include L-phenylalanine, L-histidine, L-threonine, L-lysine, L-tryptophan, and L-methionine. This way, your body gets all the essential building blocks for successful muscle development. 
  • Biogene Pharma Hard: Made for the hardest gains, Biogene Pharma Hard is an impressive health supplement. It promotes muscle hardening and pumping. It contains important ingredients like 325mg Methasterone Safflower Seed and 500 mg Arginine + Citrulline. Thus, it offers visible results for gains in muscle mass.

Where to Buy Biogene Pharma Supplements

To buy Biogene Pharma Supplements, you can simply choose Nutriride. It guarantees 100% authentic health supplements at the lowest prices. At Nutriride, you get Biogene Pharma directly from the verified importer, that is Maverick Services. Along with the genuine products, you get many additional benefits. All products have a long-expiry with the importer’s seal on it. You can take benefit of many exciting offers like payday discounts, festive offers, and clearance deals. In addition, you can choose to pay in 3 installments as Nutriride is powered by Simpl checkout.

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