Biogene Pharma Hard 30 Tablets
Biogene Pharma Hard Tablets
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Muscle Hardness

30 Tablets



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Biogene Pharma Hard

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Size: 30 Tablets

30 Tablets
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Biogene Pharma Hard

If you are into the fitness world, a hard and sculpted physique is a wish of many! Biogene Pharma Hard is a specialized formula to offer the hardest muscle gains. Made in Belgium, this is a health supplement for passionate bodybuilders who want to build an impressive physique. Each tablet of Biogene Pharma Hard contains a robust blend of key ingredients for desired fitness results. It contains 325mg of Methasterone-Safflower Seed and 500mg of Arginine-Citrulline as a proprietary blend. Thus, the powerful combination promotes muscle hardness & hyperoxygenation and enhances nutrient supply to muscles. Consumed before a training session, Biogene Pharma Hard is a well-designed sports nutrition for fitness enthusiasts who love challenges. These tablets provide immense strength gains and muscle hardening to support unparalleled results.

Benefits of Biogene Pharma Hard

Biogene Pharma Hard is a robust formula to achieve the hardest muscle gains. It contains a powerful blend of ingredients that promote muscle strength and endurance. From improved muscle hardness to enhanced nutrient supply to muscles, it is an important health supplement for serious bodybuilders. Here are the notable benefits you should read:

1. Enhanced Nutrient Supply

To enhance nutrient supply to working muscles, Biogene Pharma Hard is packed with robust ingredients. Methasterone-safflower seed and Arginine-citrulline are the proprietary blends that support muscle recovery and growth for significant muscle gains and muscle hardness.

2. Improved Muscle Hardness

A The main role of Biogene Pharma Hard is that it facilitates muscle muscle hardness. It is an important sports nutrition for individuals who want a sculpted physique. Whether you are aiming at the hardest gains, a lean physique, or an improved definition, buying this health supplement is a smart choice.

3. Promoted Muscle Hyperoxygenation

Biogene Pharma Hard promotes hyperoxygenation in muscles. Thus, it helps improve muscle performance and endurance during high-intensity workout sessions. Equally important, 1 tablet before a physical activity increases oxygen delivery to muscles and delays early muscle fatigue.

How to Use Biogene Pharma Hard

As a dietary supplement, use 1 tablet of Biogene Pharma Hard with a glass of water before an intense training session for optimal results. It is advised not to consume 2 hard tablets a day. Drink ample water throughout the day to stay hydrated. A bottle contains 30 servings, enough for a month to promote hardest gains.

Your Attention Please!

Hard tablets are a robust formula with strong blends. Do not exceed the recommended serving to avoid any adverse side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions - Biogene Pharma Hard


1. What is Biogene Pharma Hard Price?

At Nutriride, buy Biogene Pharma Hard at ₹1,949 with a flat 35% discount. A pack contains 30 tablets for a 1-month supply. You can grab additional discounts on prepaid orders with free delivery in PAN India.

2. What is Biogene Pharma Hard Review?

Made in Belgium, Biogene Pharma Hard is a specialized formula to achieve hard gains. Consuming 1 tablet before a workout can enhance nutrient supply, improve muscle hardness, and promote hyperoxygenation of muscles.

3. What are Biogene Pharma Benefits?

The main benefit of Biogene Pharma Tablets is to promote the hardest gains and achieve hard muscles. It contains proprietary blends like 325mg of Methasterone-Safflower Seed and 500mg of Arginine-Citrulline for optimal results. Consuming 1 hard tablet before a workout enhances the nutrient supply to muscles for muscle endurance.

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