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Labrada L-Carnitine 3000 Liquid 450 Ml Sweet Orange

Labrada L-Carnitine 3000 Liquid 450 ml

₹ 1,799₹ 1,149
Product Details FAQ'S Labrada L Carnitine 3000 Liquid   Labrada L Carnitine Liquid is a remarkable dietary supplement designed to support your fitness and weight management goals. It is a...
Big Muscles CARNICUT (LIQUID CARNITINE) 3200MG 450ML Blue Raspberry ICE
3200 MG1500 MG


₹ 2,099₹ 1,049
Big Muscles CARNICUT (LIQUID CARNITINE) 3200MG 450ML is a high-quality dietary supplement designed to support fitness enthusiasts and athletes in their health and fitness journey. Packed with a potent dose...
Gibbon L Carnitine 3000mg 450ml Green Mango

Gibbon L Carnitine 3000mg

₹ 2,000₹ 1,149
Product Details FAQ'S Gibbon L Carnitine Many supplements support weight management and weight loss. They are available in tablets, powders, and liquids. Gibbon L Carnitine is a liquid supplement that...
Absolute Nutrition L Carnitine 3500mg Blue Raspberry

Absolute Nutrition L Carnitine Ripped 3500MG

₹ 1,999₹ 1,599
Absolute Nutrition L Carnitine 3500MG Product Details Supports fat loss Builds muscle strength Ensures muscle recovery 30 servings L-carnitine 2000mg per serving Dope free Product Description Absolute Nutrition L Carnitine...
Big Muscles ALCAR L-Carnitine 60 Tablets
60 Tablets

Big Muscles ALCAR L-Carnitine

₹ 1,099₹ 749
Big Muscles ALCAR 60 Tabs Product Details Endurance in physical performance. Assists in conversion of Fat into ATP. Surpasses ordinary L-Carnitine. Product Description Big Muscles ALCAR 60 Tabs is a...
Repfuel Sports L Carnitine 450ml Blueberry

Repfuel Sports L Carnitine

₹ 2,200₹ 1,500
Repfuel Sports L-Carnitine 450ml Product Details Promotes muscular energy Assists Fat breakdown Supports exercise recovery Product Description Repfuel Sports L Carnitine 450ml is a compound produced in the body from...
Ronnie Coleman L Carnitine 3000
31 Servings

Ronnie Coleman L Carnitine 3000

₹ 3,199₹ 1,719
Product Details FAQ'S Ronnie Coleman L Carnitine A premium dietary supplement, Ronnie Coleman L Carnitine is designed to support various aspects of fitness and overall well-being. If you don’t know,...
One Science Essential Series Liquid Carnitine 3000mg Watermelon
31 Servings

One Science Essential Series Liquid Carnitine 3000mg

₹ 2,999₹ 1,049
One Science Essential Series Liquid Carnitine 3000mg  Product Details Helps Break Down Fat Stores And Burn Them For Energy. No Stimulants – These Fat Store Burning Properties Work Without The...
Avvatar L Carnitine Pina colada

Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid 450ml

₹ 1,999₹ 1,099
Product Details FAQ'S Avvatar L Carnitine For fat loss, Avvatar L Carnitine is a potent health supplement. This liquid sports nutrition supports energy production and weight management for optimal results....
Scitron L-Carnitine 1000Mg 90 Capsules
90 Capsules

Scitron L-Carnitine 1000Mg

₹ 1,049₹ 807
MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine 1100MG 300ML Lemon Lime

MuscleBlaze Liquid L-Carnitine 1100MG

₹ 549₹ 449

L Carnitine

To boost fat metabolism and accomplish fat burning goals, L Carnitine is a potent health supplement. It is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body that plays a pivotal role in energy production during physical activities. Commonly used in the liquid form for faster absorption, L Carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria. Thus, it converts fatty acids into energy, that can be used during workouts and physical exercises. Consumed by many athletes and bodybuilders, L Carnitine enhances energy levels during intense training sessions. Moreover, it supports weight management and improves body composition for optimal results. Other benefits of supplementing with L Carnitine include improved cognitive function and enhanced heart health.

L Carnitine Benefits

Used as a fat metabolism supplement, L Carnitine is a potent sports nutrition for fitness enthusiasts. The prime role of this liquid is to convert body fat into usable energy for enhanced workout sessions. Thus, it decreases the build-up of lactic acid in working muscles and deals with early muscle fatigue during intense training sessions. Below are the benefits of using L Carnitine in detail:

      Boosts Fat Metabolism: Commently used in liquid form, L Carnitine boosts fat metabolism for optimal performance. By transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, it helps convert them into usable energy. Thus, it reduces fat deposits and is used as an energy source during training.

      Improved Workout Performance: High-intensity workouts can lead to muscle fatigue and soreness. To deal with it, L Carnitine reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles. By reducing early muscle fatigue, it helps individuals perform for a longer time at the gym for optimal performance.

      Enhanced Recovery: After workouts, muscle soreness and damage are common. Supplementing with liquid L Carnitine helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Consumed in liquid form ensures faster absorption that promotes rapid recovery for optimal results.

      Promotes Cardiovascular Health: Health health is important, especially when you are indulged in cardio workouts. L Carnitine is known to improve cardiovascular health. It reduces the risk of heart disease by enhancing cardiac energy metabolism.

L Carnitine Side Effects

Consuming L Carnitine is considered safe. It offers many health benefits and optimizes your performance. However, if you exceed the recommended dosage or if you are sensitive to it, it may cause some side effects. Overall, these side effects are minimal and are not serious. Here are the side effects of L Carnitine in detail:

      Gastrointestinal Issues: In some cases, individuals experience feelings of nausea and vomiting after using L Carnitine. This usually happens when you exceed the recommended serving per day. Do not use the higher dosage to stay safe.

      Diarrhea: Though uncommon, using L Carnitine, especially more than directed can lead to digestive issues. These issues may include diarrhea, which may cause dehydration in some consumers.

      Fishy Odor: Supplementing with L Carnitine liquid can cause body odor. This odor is fishy and can be experienced in sweat, breath, and urine. However, this is not a serious side effect!

L Carnitine Top Brands in India

From imported to native, there are many L Carnitine brands in India. If you are a professional athlete or a bodybuilder, this health supplement contributes to better fat metabolism and performance. Below are the top L Carnitine products you can choose to buy for optimal results:

1.     Labrada L Carnitine 3000 Liquid: Made in the USA, Labrada is a renowned health supplements brand known for its quality. Each serving of Labrada L Carnitine offers 3g of high-quality l carnitine with 8.1 kcal of energy. Moreover, it is free from sugar and fat. Using it as a pre-workout supplement offers energy during training sessions.

2.     Avvatar L Carnitine Liquid: Made in India, Avvatar L Carnitine is an affordable and effective sports nutrition to optimize performance. Each serving contains 3000mg of l carnitine along with 50mg of green tea extract. A 15ml serving before a workout can enhance energy levels for optimal results.

3.     One Science Liquid Carnitine: Made in Hungary, One Science L Carnitine is a perfect solution for promoting fat metabolism and burning fat. It contains 3g of pure l carnitine amino acid. Available in liquid form, the supplement is rapidly absorbed to convert fatty acids to usable energy during training sessions.

4.     Ronnie Coleman L Carnitine: Made by the renowned bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman L Carnitine liquid is a smart formula for fat management. Available in refreshing flavors, it contains 3000mg of l carnitine. If you are aiming at losing weight, using this supplement helps convert body fat into energy.

5.     BigMuscles Carnicut: To enhance your fat loss journey, BigMuscles Carnicut is an affordable and effective option. This l carnitine liquid is available in 2 strengths: 1500mg and 3200mg. Using before workouts optimizes the ability to consume fat as an energy source for better athletic performance.

6.     Absolute Nutrition Carni Ripped: Available in 3500mg strength, Absolute Nutrition Carni Ripped is a popular l carnitine liquid supplement. If you struggle to lose fat, this sports nutrition can assist you utilize body’s fat to convert it into usable energy during physical exercise. Thus, regular supplementation accelerates fat metabolism.

7.     Repfuel Sports L Carnitine: Available in lemon and blueberry flavors, Repfuel L Carnitine is a robust formula to enhance the fat loss journey. Each serving offers 3200mg of high-quality l carnitine liquid. To elevate energy levels during workout sessions, it provides 2kcal per serving.

Where to Buy L Carnitine in India

To buy 100% authentic L Carnitine supplements in India, choosing Nutriride is a smart choice! This is because Nutriride is dedicated to sourcing health supplements directly from the brand/importer. As a benefit, you get the lowest price in the market. Moreover, you get a wide range of l carnitine liquids and tablets from both imported and Indian brands. In addition, you get many purchase benefits like combo offers, seasonal offers, fresh stock, and interest-free installment options. Embrace your fitness journey with Nutriride by consuming original sports nutrition.

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Top L-Carnitine Supplements List


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Labrada L-Carnitine Liquid



Big Muscles Carnicut Liquid



Gibbon L-Carnitine



Absolute Nutrition Carni Ripped



BigMuscles ALCAR



Repfuel Sports L-Carnitine



Ronnie Coleman L-Carnitine



One Science Liquid Carnitine



Avvatar L-Carnitine Liquid



Scitron L-Carnitine



MuscleBlaze L-Carnitine