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Myogenetix: Mutating Your Fitness Genes

Myogenetix stands as a leading force in the realm of health supplements, originating from the United States and earning a trusted reputation in the fitness industry. Renowned for its quality, it offers a comprehensive range of supplements tailored to diverse fitness needs. Among its notable offerings is Myogenetix Whey Protein, a high-quality source of essential amino acids crucial for muscle repair and growth. Complementing this, Myogenetix Creatine, celebrated for its ability to enhance strength and endurance, provides a vital boost to workout performance. For those aiming to bulk up, Myogenetix Weight Gainer stands as an effective solution, delivering the necessary calories to support muscle mass gain. Additionally, Myogenetix Myodrol tablets offer specialized support, catering to those seeking a holistic approach to muscle enhancement. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Myogenetix continues to be a go-to choice for fitness enthusiasts.

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MyoGenetix Creatine 300g

MyoGenetix Creatine

₹ 2,500₹ 1,049
Product Details FAQ'S Myogenetix Creatine Creatine is a well-researched health supplement for bodybuilding and fitness. Made in the USA, Myogenetix Creatine is an important sports nutrition for extreme bodybuilders and...
MyoGenetix Myodrol Hsp 30 Capsules
30 Capsules

MyoGenetix Myodrol Hsp

₹ 5,000₹ 2,249
Product Details FAQ'S Myogenetix Myodrol HSP 30 Tablets   Are you looking forward to unlocking your full potential in muscle building and performance? Myogenetix Myodrol HSP 30 Tablets are surely...
MyoGenetix Whey Protein Concentrate Perfect Chocolate 5 Lb

MyoGenetix Whey Protein Concentrate Perfect Chocolate

₹ 9,500₹ 4,199
Product Details FAQ'S Myogenetix Whey Protein 2Kg Embark on a transformative fitness journey with Myogenetix Whey Protein 2Kg, a cutting-edge protein supplement designed to unlock your true potential and propel...
MyoGenetix Whey Protein Isolate Perfect Vanilla 5Lb

MyoGenetix Whey Protein Isolate Perfect Vanilla 5 Lb + MyoGenetix Vita Genetix 30 Tabs

₹ 11,000₹ 5,999
Product Details FAQ'S MyoGenetix Whey Protein Isolate 5 Lb   Originating in the USA, MyoGenetix Whey Protein Isolate is a standout product in the world of sports nutrition and protein...
Myogenetix Weight Gainer 6Lb Perfect Chocolate

MyoGenetix Massive High Calorie Weight Gainer Perfect Chocolate

₹ 6,000₹ 2,249
Product Details FAQ'S MyoGenetix Mass Gainer 6Lbs   MyoGenetix Mass Gainer stands out as a high-calorie, protein-rich supplement designed to support individuals aiming to gain weight and build muscle mass...
MyoGenetix Glutamine 300g

MyoGenetix Glutamine Powder

₹ 2,500₹ 1,099
MyoGenetix Glutamine Powder 300g Product details Helps boost recovery and immune health Improve testosterone to cortisol ratios Product description MYOGENETIX Glutamine is a very effective intestinal and immune system health...
MyoGenetix VitaGenetix

MyoGenetix VitaGenetix 30 Time Release Caplets

₹ 2,500₹ 800
MyoGenetix VitaGenetix 30 Time Release Caplets Product Description For the human body to perform at its maximum potential, it must be fed a vast and complex array of vital nutrients....
MyoGenetix MyoJacked 7.9 Oz 45 Servings 225g

MyoGenetix MyoJacked

₹ 3,500₹ 2,299
MyoGenetix MyoJacked 7.9 Oz 45 Servings 225g Product Details Unleash Hell in The Gym increases thermogenesis Product Description Do you want to take a pre-workout formula that amplifies your anabolism,...
MyoGenetix MyoSpiked Exotic Cola Rush 225g

MyoGenetix MyoSpiked Exotic Cola Rush

₹ 3,500₹ 1,689
MyoGenetix MyoSpiked Exotic Cola Rush 225g Product Description Myogenetix MyoSpiked is an extremely high voltage, extreme energy supplement everyone’s been looking for. MYOSPIKED is extremely potent and designed specifically for...
Myogenetix Joint Grow 225g Tropical Mango Spice

Myogenetix Joint Grow

₹ 3,500₹ 2,170
Myogenetix Joint Grow
MyoGenetix LiverDrol Tropical Mango Spice 225g

MyoGenetix LiverDrol Tropical Mango Spice

₹ 3,500₹ 1,900
MyoGenetix LiverDrol Juicy Fruit Bubblegum 225g Product Description Myogenetix LiverDrol Juicy Fruit Bubblegum 225g was developed to prevent the formation of toxic metabolites from the use of anabolic steroids, OTC...
Myogenetix Aminogrow 300g Juicy Fruit Bubblegum

Myogenetix Aminogrow

₹ 3,500₹ 1,579
Myogenetix Aminogrow 300g


Made in the USA, Myogenetix is a renowned health supplements brand. It offers a wide range of sports nutrition for bodybuilding and fitness. Each product is designed to support a dedicated fitness goal with purity of ingredients. To enhance muscle growth, recovery, and repair, Myogenetix offers high-quality protein supplements. These protein powders are rich in essential amino acids to support muscle health. For bulking up and fulfilling daily calorie requirements, it offers high-caloric weight gainers for optimal results. For extreme muscle pumps, power, and strength, Myogenetix deals in high-quality creatine monohydrate supplements. Creatine is among the most researched sports nutrition that improves athletic performance. In addition, the imported brand offers glutamine supplements to support the immune system, enhance muscle recovery, and promote gut health. Equally important, Myogenetix deals in various essential supplements for overall well-being. In other words, the brand is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality sports nutrition for optimal results.

Why Choose Myogenetix

If you are a professional athlete or a bodybuilder, choosing Myogenetix is a smart choice. Made in the USA, it offers a wide collection of sports nutrition to enhance athletic performance. It deals in whey proteins, mass gainers, creatine, glutamine, and various essential dietary supplements. Moreover, each Myogenetix Supplement goes under testing to ensure purity and safety.

Here are the benefits of choosing Myogenetix to enhance performance and achieve fitness goals:

      High-Quality Ingredients

Each product by Myogenetix contains high-quality ingredients to ensure purity and effectiveness. The imported brand is dedicated to going through many quality tests to guarantee the potency of supplements for optimal results. Equally important, each nutrient is mentioned on the product label for transparency.

      A Wide Collection of Sports Nutrition

To achieve fitness goals, multiple supplements are needed. If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, you need a collection of health supplements for optimal performance. Myogenetix Supplements like whey protein, gainers, and creatine promote muscle recovery and help in muscle growth for impressive results.

      Pure Scientific Formula

As a renowned sports nutrition brand, Myogenetix is not just another stop! It is a preferred choice by professional athletes and bodybuilders because of its purity and safety. The motto of the brand is to offer health supplements that are scientifically backed up to enhance athletic performance without fail.

Myogenetix Protein Supplements 

To enhance muscle growth and recovery, protein powders play an important role! High-intensity workouts lead to muscle soreness and demand instant protein intake to recover faster! Myogenetix Protein supplements are packed with high-quality protein and essential amino acids to accelerate muscle repair and growth. Used between and after training sessions, Myogenetix Whey Protein Concentrate contains BCAAs that accelerate muscle protein synthesis for optimal results. If you aim to sculpt a lean physique, isolated proteins are preferred! Myogenetix Isolate Whey Protein is considered the purest protein by the brand as the protein goes through many filtration processes.

Here are the benefits of consuming Myogenetix Protein to optimize athletic performance:

      Accelerated Muscle Recovery & Growth

Packed with 22g of high-quality whey protein, Myogenetix Protein is a perfect formula to enhance your training. The presence of BCAAs and EAAs accelerates muscle growth and recovery for optimal results. Together, protein and amino acids reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle protein synthesis for faster recovery.

      Lean Muscle Mass Development

If you want to build lean muscle mass, Myogenetix offers isolated whey protein. This protein powder contains low carbs and fat to promote a lean physique. By consuming a clean source of protein, bodybuilders & athletes can get all the benefits of protein supplements without consuming extra calories.

      Versatility of Use

Like other proteins, Myogenetix Proteins are easy to use in daily life. If you are aiming at building muscles, you can use it as a post-workout drink to fuel muscle recovery and growth. You can also use it at breakfast time for optimal protein intake for multiple benefits. Moreover, these supplements can be easily mixed in smoothies and cakes to add more flavor to health.

Myogenetix Mass Gainer Supplements

To get bigger, stronger, and more muscular, mass gainers play an important role! Myogenetix Weight Gainer is designed to fulfill daily calorie requirements for optimal results. It contains 15g of protein and 374 calories for bulking up and increasing weight. Together, these nutrients enhance recovery, support muscle growth, and help achieve bulking goals. If you are skinny and want to increase weight, then this health supplement is a smart choice!

Here are the benefits of using Myogenetix Mass Gainer for optimal performance and results:

      Promotes Weight Gain

A massive high-calorie formula, Myogenetix Weight Gainer is specially designed to bulk up and put on weight. Each serving contains 374 calories and 15g protein to fuel your performance and promote muscle recovery. The balanced nutrients offer energy for intense training sessions and help fulfill daily calorie requirements without hassles.

      Enhances Muscle Recovery

Intense training sessions lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Myogenetix Mass Gainer has a perfect combination of complex carbohydrates and protein to accelerate muscle recovery and growth. Thus, carbs replenish glycogen stores in muscles, provide energy, and reduce fatigue for optimal results.

Myogenetix Creatine

To enhance muscle pumps, strength, and endurance, creatine is among the best sports nutrition! Myogenetix Creatine is a perfect formula to elevate your performance for optimal results. Each serving contains 3000mg of pure creatine monohydrate to accelerate muscle energy levels. Regular supplementation replenishes ATP stores that help individuals perform for a longer time. In addition, Myogenetix Creatine improves muscle recovery after intense training sessions, increases muscle strength, and enhances overall performance!

Essential Myogenetix Supplements for Bodybuilding

Apart from protein, gainer, and creatine supplements, Myogenetix offers many essential products. These products enhance your fitness journey and help you achieve your goal. Here is a list of health supplements you can learn about:

      Myogenetix Myodrol

To maximize bodybuilding performance, Myogenetix Myodrol is a vital health supplement. The capsules support muscle strength and growth for optimal results. Each capsule contains 5-methyl-7-methoxy-isoflavone and prickly pear extract to gain hard muscles and lose weight simultaneously! Thus, it lets you perform anabolic activities with more confidence.

      Myogenetix Glutamine

To boost the immune system and overall recovery, Myogenetix Glutamine is a robust sports nutrition. Glutamine is a vital amino acid that helps reduce muscle soreness and fix muscle tissues after hard training sessions. Each serving contains 5000mg of high-quality glutamine that accelerates recovery and prevents muscle catabolism.

      Myogenetix Vitagenetix

Multivitamin supplements play an essential role in increased strength, power, and endurance! Myogenetix Vitagenetix is a dietary supplement powered with essential vitamins and minerals for optimal performance. Regular consumption can improve muscle strength and enhance energy levels during workout sessions. In addition, it builds better immunity to fight against illness.

      Myogenetix Aminogrow

To enhance muscle recovery and repair, essential amino acids play a crucial role! Myogenetix Aminogrow is an important sports nutrition to support muscle recovery and growth for optimal results. By accelerating muscle protein synthesis, it promotes faster muscle recovery after high-intensity training sessions. EAAs like valine, leucine, and isoleucine enhance endurance and supply the building blocks for muscle development.

      Myogenetix Jointgrow

Specially designed to support joint health, Myogenetix Jointgrow is packed with powerful ingredients. It comes in powder form for fast absorption. The bone support formula aids in joint inflammation, stiffness, and arthritis pain. Thus, it is an important health supplement for athletes who are indulged in sports activities.

      Myogenetix Liverdrol

Good liver health ensures better absorption of food. Myogenetix Liverdrol is a specialized formula that promotes liver and heath health. The robust ingredients help in detoxification and optimize liver health. In addition, it supports cardiovascular health by improving blood lipid profiles. If you are into bodybuilding, using this health supplement optimizes overall performance.

Where to Buy Myogenetix Supplements

If you are looking for genuine Myogenetix Supplements, then Nutriride is the most trusted online platform! At Nutriride, all the health supplements are directly sourced from the brand to provide 100% original products at the lowest price in the market. Nutriride is India’s finest sports nutrition store that delivers your product to your doorstep with free and fast delivery. The easy online booking platform lets you choose among a variety of products with secured payment options. In addition, you get a 14-day return if you get a damaged/wrong product.

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Myogenetix Creatine



Myogenetix Myodrol



Myogenetix Glutamine



Myogenetix Vitagenetix



Myogenetix Myojacked



Myogenetix Myospiked



Myogenetix Jointgrow



Myogenetix Liverdrol



Myogenetix Aminogrow