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MyoGenetix Creatine

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Myogenetix Creatine

Creatine is a well-researched health supplement for bodybuilding and fitness. Made in the USA, Myogenetix Creatine is an important sports nutrition for extreme bodybuilders and athletes. It contains micro-particles that are 30 times smaller than regular creatine powder on the market.

Each serving of Myogenetix Creatine Monohydrate provides 3g of pure micronized creatine. Regular supplementation helps improve muscle strength, power, and recovery. Moreover, it enhances strength gainer and muscle fullness for optimal performance. The unflavored powder mixes well for faster absorption.

Benefits of Myogenetix Creatine


There are many benefits of consuming Myogenetix Creatine. If you are a bodybuilder or athlete, it helps in muscle strength, power, and endurance. The micronized form ensures purity and rapid absorption for optimal results.

1. Provides Muscle Powder and Strength

The primary role of Myogenetix Creatine Monohydrate is to enhance muscle power, endurance, and strength. It accelerates ATP production (adenosine triphosphate) in the body to offer instant energy to muscles for intense training. Thus, it leads to enhanced muscle strength and endurance.

2. Enhances Muscle Growth

Muscle protein synthesis is essential for muscle growth and repair after a physical exercise. Myogenetix Creatine 300 Grams 100 Servings accelerates protein synthesis to increase muscle mass by promoting muscle growth. Thus, it increases cell hydration by drawing more water to muscles for fullness.

3. Improves Athletic Performance

Creatine is a well-researched supplement for bodybuilding. Supplementing with Myogenetix Creatine helps individuals indulge in physical activities like weightlifting and sprinting. It helps bodybuilders improve athletic performance. Moreover, It reduces muscle soreness and damage and helps recover faster.

How to Use Myogenetix Creatine


  • For the first 3 days (loading phase), mix 1 scoop (3g) of Myogenetix Creatine with 200-250ml of water/juice and consume 4 times a day.
  • After 3 days (maintenance phase), repeat the consumption for 1-2 times a day
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water for proper hydration.
  • For best results, consume after a workout.

Your Attention Please!

Incorporate creatine with Myogenetix Whey Protein Concentrate to enhance muscle recovery and strength

Frequently Asked Questions - Myogenetix Creatine


1. What is Myogenetix Creatine Price?

At Nutriride, the best price of Myogenetix Creatine is ₹899 with a flat 64% discount. Get additional discounts on prepaid orders with free delivery in India.

2. What is Myogenetix Creatine Review?

Made in the USA, Myogenetix Creatine Monohydrate is a micronized creatine that improves muscle power, strength, and endurance. Regular supplementation helps in muscle growth and recovery for optimal results.

3. What are Myogenetix Creatine 300 Grams 100 Servings Details?

It contains 3000mg of micronized creatine for muscle power and strength. The unflavored powder is free from additives and easily absorbs to offer benefits.

4. What are Myogenetix Creatine Benefits?

Regular supplementation with Myogenetix Creatine provides muscle strength, enhances muscle growth, and helps recover faster after high-intensity training sessions.

5. What are Myogenetix Creatine Side Effects?

Generally, it is completely safe to consume. However, exceeding the recommended dosage can cause stomach discomfort, bloating, and water retention. Some individuals may suffer from muscle cramps. Stay hydrated all day to minimize side effects.

6. Myogenetix Creatine Original VS Fake?

Hybrid Laboratories is the official importer of Myogenetix. Check for the importer’s seal on the pack. Find a scratch code to verify your supplement. For more details, read the product label.

7. Myogenetix Creatine VS Wellcore Creatine?

Both offer 3g of micronized creatine monohydrate (unflavored). However, Myogenetix is an imported brand from the USA, whereas Wellcore is an Indian supplement brand.

8. How to Do Myogenetix Creatine Verification?

To verify the Myogenetix supplement, find the importer’s seal on the pack. Scratch for a unique code for verification. In India, Hybrid Laboratories is the official importer.

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