Big Muscles Freak Pre-workout 30 Servings, Sydney Sunset
Big Muscles Freak Pre-workout 30 Servings, Sex on the beach
Big Muscles Freak Pre-workout 30 Servings Mango Martini
Big Muscles Freak Pre-workout 60 Servings, Sex on the beach
Big Muscles Freak Pre-workout 60 Servings, Sydney Sunset
Big Muscles Freak Pre-Workout, 30 Servings
Big Muscles Freak Pre-Workout, Nutritional Information

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Big Muscles Nutrition Freak Pre Workout

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Flavours: S*x On The Beach

S*x On The Beach
Sydney Sunset
Water Melon
Tropical Madness
Green Apple
Mango Martini
Tropical Cyclone

Size: 30 Servings

30 Servings
60 Servings
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BigMuscles Freak Pre Workout

If you are into serious bodybuilding, you must have felt low energy and endurance during workouts. Low strength can affect your efficiency and can challenge your goals. In that case, a pre workout powder is vital to enhance your energy levels and increase stamina.

Many top rated pre workouts, including BigMuscles Freak Pre Workout, are available on the market. Made in India, it is an affordable yet effective option for you! It has many active and powerful ingredients like caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine nitrate, BCAAs, glutamine, and taurine to enhance your workout performance.

Among the best pre workout supplements, freak helps you increase your stamina, enhance energy levels, and maintain strength during training sessions. Caffeine provides instant energy and helps you stay alert and focused. L-tyrosine, an amino acid, supports cognitive function. Beta-alanine provides endurance to your muscles.

Benefits of BigMuscles Freak Pre Workout


One of the best pre workout for men and women, BigMuscles Freak Pre Workout is a specialized formula! If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, it helps you enhance your training performance. Below are the key benefits you should know:

1. Provides Instant Energy

To provide instant energy during intense workout sessions, it has many nutrients! Ingredients like caffeine and green coffee bean extract help you stay energized. In addition, it enhances your endurance and reduces early fatigue.

2. Improves Mental Focus

L-tyrosine, a nonessential amino acid in Freak Pre Workout promotes cognitive function and mental focus. It helps you stay focussed during training sessions. Caffeine, a powerful stimulant, helps you stay active and energetic.

3. Enhances Blood Flow & Muscle Pump

If you are a bodybuilder, your main fitness goal is to achieve pumped muscles. This pre workout drink has l-citrulline and arginine that enhances nitric oxide production in your body. Together, these ingredients help you improve muscle pumps and muscle growth.

4. Available in Refreshing Flavors

Among the best pre workout, BigMuscles Freak is available in many tasty flavors to enjoy before your workout. These flavors include Sydney Sunset, Water Melon, Tropical Madness, Green Apple, Mango Martini, and Tropical Cyclone.

How to Use Freak Pre Workout

  • Take 1 scoop (6g).
  • Mix with 150ml cold water or fresh juice.
  • Consume 25-30 minutes before a workout.
  • As a beginner, start with a half serving to test tolerance.
  • Store in a cool place to avoid caking issues.

Your Attention Please!

Consume BigMuscles Gold Whey Protein after a workout to enhance your muscle growth & recovery and gain lean muscle mass.

Frequently Asked Questions - BigMuscles Freak Pre Workout


1. How Much Caffeine is There Per Serving?

Each serving has 188mg of natural caffeine anhydrous to support energy, endurance, focus, and stamina during workouts.

2. What is Freak Pre Workout Review?

It is a recommended pre workout for bodybuilders and athletes who want to enhance their performance. The powerful ingredients help enhance energy, improve stamina, and gain muscle pumping.

3. What is the Price?

At Nutriride, a 30-serving pack cost is ₹949. A 60-serving pack is priced at ₹1,649. Get an extra discount on prepaid payments with free and fast delivery across India.

4. What are the Side Effects?

Freak pre workout is safe to use if consumed as directed. However, exceeding the recommended serving may cause insomnia (due to caffeine), increased heart rate, digestive discomfort, and jitteriness.

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