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One Science Nitra Whey Protein

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One Science Nitra Whey Protein

To build muscles and promote recovery, whey protein powders play a major role. One Science Nitra Whey is a special health supplement that offers more than just protein content! It is specially crafted for serious bodybuilders and professional athletes for optimal results. Each serving of One Science Nitra Whey Protein contains 27g of whey protein. The high-quality protein contains essential amino acids that accelerate muscle recovery, growth, and recovery. It is packed with 3000mg of creatine monohydrate that offers muscle strength, power, and endurance during intense training sessions. To promote muscle protein synthesis and deal with early muscle fatigue, One Science Nitra Whey contains 6.6g of branched-chain amino acids(BCAAs). Amino acids like leucine, isoleucine, and valine optimize athletic performance. For accelerated muscle recovery and a promoted immune system, it contains 5.2g of l-glutamine. In addition, One Science Nitra Whey Protein is powered with maca powder and tribulus. These natural ingredients increase stamina, provide energy during workouts, and enhance hormonal function.

Benefits of One Science Nitra Whey


One Science is a renowned health supplements brand from Hungary. It is known for its quality and purity for optimal results. One Science Nitra Whey offers many benefits to enhance your bodybuilding journey. From faster muscle recovery to impressive muscle gains, it is designed for professional bodybuilders. Here are the benefits you can read in detail:

1. Accelerated Muscle Recovery & Growth

Each serving of One Science Nitra Whey Protein is packed with 27g of high-quality whey protein. It is dedicated to speeding up muscle growth, recovery, and repair by absorbing quickly in the body. Thus, it contains 6.6g of BCAAs & EAAs along with 5.2g of l-glutamine to promote muscle protein synthesis and reduce early muscle fatigue for optimal results.

2. Elevated Muscle Strength & Power

Creatine is among the most researched sports nutrition. One Science Nitra Whey is powered with 3g of pure creatine monohydrate that offers strength to working muscles during intense workout sessions. In addition, it contains natural ingredients like maca powder and tribulus to promote muscle endurance for long training sessions.

3. Increases Muscle Mass

Another benefit of consuming One Science Nitra Whey is, that supports hormonal balance. It contains tribulus, a natural compound that improves muscle mass and strength by improving testosterone levels in the body. Together, protein, creatine, and all the nutrients improve athletic performance and deliver optimal results.

How to Use One Science Nitra Whey


As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop (34g) of One Science Nitra Whey Protein with 150-200ml of water. Blend well or use the shaker to mix until the powder gets firmly dissolved. Consume the mixture after your training session for optimal results. Regular consumption as a post-workout fuel promotes muscle recovery & growth and helps improve athletic performance. Always follow the recommended dosage for best results. For more details, read the product label.

Your Attention Please!

Consume One Science Ghost Pre Workout 15-30 minutes before you go for a workout session. It offers explosive energy and focus for impressive results.

Frequently Asked Questions - One Science Nitra Whey


1. What is One Science Nitra Whey Review?

Made in Hungary, One Science Nitra Whey is a specialized sports nutrition. It contains whey protein, creatine, l-glutamine, and maca powder for optimal muscle recovery, growth, and endurance. By promoting muscle protein synthesis, it increases muscle mass and accelerates recovery.

2. What is One Science Nitra Whey Protein Price?

At Nutriride, the price of One Science Nitra Edge for a 5Lb pack is ₹5,089 with the highest 43% discount. Get additional discount offers on prepaid payments, followed by free and fast delivery.

3. What are One Science Nitra Whey Side Effects?

If used as directed, Nitra Edge is completely safe to consume on training days. However, exceeding the recommended serving may cause gastrointestinal discomfort in some consumers. Always follow the suggested dosage for safe use!

4. What is One Science Nitra Whey Lab Report?

Nitra Edge (or any One Science supplement) is laboratory tested and goes through serious examination for purity and quality. Each product is GMP-certified for safe use. For more information, you can get in touch with the importer Muscle House India.

5. One Science Nitra Whey VS Nitro Tech What is the Difference?

Both supplements contain almost the same nutrients, except for some ingredients. One Science Nitra Whey contains additional nutrients like l-glutamine, and natural extracts like maca powder & tribulus. Additionally, MuscleTech offers 30g of whey protein, whereas One Science contains 27g of protein.


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