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One Science Recharge BCAA

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Flavours: Raspberry

Pear Bononza
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Mojito Boost
Kiwi Blast

Size: 325g

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One Science BCAA 50 Servings


One Science BCAA 325g stands as a prominent product within the realm of sports supplements, offered by an esteemed imported brand- One ScienceWhat sets it apart is its carefully crafted formulation. Among the Best BCAA in India, this supplement provides a potent blend of essential amino acids, including 2500mg of L-Leucine, 1250mg of L-Isoleucine, and 1250mg of L-Valine, adhering to the classic 2:1:1 ratio . This ratio is scientifically proven to be highly effective for muscle protein synthesis and recovery. L-Leucine in One Science Recharge BCAA 50 Servings, in particular, plays a pivotal role as it's considered the primary amino acid responsible for initiating protein synthesis, thereby supporting muscle growth and repair.

Moreover, OSN BCAA Powder offers versatility and convenience to fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Packaged in a 325g container, it provides a total of 50 servings, making it suitable for extended use. Whether used during workouts to prevent muscle breakdown, after training sessions to support recovery, or even between meals to maintain an anabolic state, this supplement caters to various nutritional needs. Having popularity among bodybuilders in India, One Science BCAA Reviews are positive and consumers praised the quality and purity of this health supplement. The precise dosage of amino acids in each serving ensures that users receive the optimal amount required to enhance their physical performance and maximize muscle gains. Equally important, One Science Whey Protein is a remarkable product for successful gains and fast recovery.

Additionally, the 2:1:1 formula of One Science BCAA ensures that users not only get the benefits of muscle repair and growth but also experience reduced muscle soreness post-exercise. By promoting quicker recovery, it allows individuals to engage in more frequent and intense workouts, leading to more significant progress in their fitness journeys. Furthermore, the 50 servings per pack make it a cost-effective choice for individuals seeking long-term support for their workout routines. With its high-quality amino acid profile and proven effectiveness, this dietary supplement has become a go-to choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming for enhanced muscle performance and recovery. By paying the most reasonable One Science BCAA 50 Servings Price, get a 100% Authentic Supplement. Additionally, get benefits like 7-Day Returns, Pay Later Options, and dedicated Customer Support!

One Science BCAA Benefits


Having a bunch of One Science BCAA Benefits, consuming this authentic supplement can deliver elevated muscle recovery, robust muscle protein synthesis, and much more. Below are the 5 advantages you can learn before buying this imported jar full of goodness:

1. Enhanced Muscle Recovery

It provides a balanced blend of essential amino acids, including L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, in a 2:1:1 ratio. These amino acids are crucial for muscle repair and recovery, especially after intense workouts. By consuming, individuals experience reduced muscle soreness, allowing for faster recovery and the ability to resume training sooner.

2. Muscle Protein Synthesis

L-Leucine, containing 24g of essential BCAA one of the key components in One Science Recharge BCAA, acts as a trigger for muscle protein synthesis. This process is essential for building new muscle tissue and repairing damaged muscles. By stimulating protein synthesis, it promotes muscle growth and helps individuals achieve their fitness goals effectively. Also, learn about One Science Creatine that improves exercise performance.

3. Prevention of Muscle Breakdown

During high-intensity workouts or periods of calorie deficit, the body may enter a catabolic state, where it starts breaking down muscle tissue for energy. BCAAs act as a protective shield, preventing muscle breakdown and ensuring that the body utilizes fat stores for energy instead, promoting a leaner physique. If you looking to Buy BCAA Online, then this is one of the best options with promised results!

4. Improved Endurance and Performance

It can serve as an energy source during prolonged exercises, helping to delay the onset of fatigue. By providing additional fuel to working muscles, individuals experience improved endurance, allowing them to push their limits and achieve better workout performance. This increased stamina is particularly beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders aiming to excel in their training sessions. By paying the most discounted One Science BCAA 50 Servings Price, get ready to see visible results!

5. Reduced Muscle Soreness

Intense workouts often lead to muscle soreness, limiting the ability to train consistently. BCAAs, especially L-Isoleucine, play a role in reducing muscle damage and inflammation. By minimizing muscle soreness, individuals can recover faster and maintain their training momentum, leading to more consistent and effective workouts over time. Also, check out One Science EAA which comes with numerous benefits like preserving muscle mass, protecting immune function, etc.


How To Use?


Using it is simple and convenient. Just mix one serving (6.5g) of One Science BCAA powder with 350ml of water or your favorite beverage. You can effortlessly shake it in a shaker, ensuring consistency. It's versatile in use and can be consumed before, during, or after your workout session, tailoring it to your fitness routine. However, it's important to note that this supplement is not suitable for children, pregnant individuals, or lactating mothers due to its concentrated amino acid content. Equally important, always stick to the recommended dosage. Avoid exceeding the suggested serving size, as excessive consumption may lead to digestive discomfort. It's also advisable to consult a healthcare professional if you have existing health conditions or are taking medications. Stay hydrated while using the supplement and monitor your body's response.



1. Can I Consume One Science BCAA Everyday?

Yes, the intake is safe for healthy adults in recommended doses per day. Aim for 2-3g leucine pre, during, and post-workouts to maximize muscle protein synthesis. You can take it around 2-4 times daily depending on your training plan. However, we always suggest you consult a health professional before starting any health supplement and to know the correct serving.

2. Can I Consume If I’m Pregnant or Lactating?

One Science BCAA is not recommended for lactating or pregnant individuals and it is clearly mentioned on the label too. It's advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using any dietary supplement during pregnancy or lactation.

3. What Are One Science Recharge BCAA Side Effects?

It is generally safe when used as directed. However, individuals may experience mild side effects such as digestive discomfort, particularly if they have sensitivities to certain ingredients. Other side effects include nausea, bloating, and diarrhea in rare conditions.

4. What Flavor Options Are Available?

There are many delectable One Science BCAA Flavors to choose from! They include Kiwi Blast, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Pear Bononza, Mojito Boost, and Peach Ice Tea. These diverse options cater to different taste preferences, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable experience while reaping the benefits.


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