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Pro Jym Ultra Premium Protein Blend 2Kg + Free Shaker

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Flavour: Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Size: 2Kg

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Pro JYM Whey Protein

Made in the United States, JYM Supplements are well-renowned among bodybuilders and athletes. Pro JYM Whey Protein is an ultra-premium formula for impressive muscle gains and recovery. Having a unique blend, it contains fat-digesting 24g protein with important ingredients for muscle growth! JYM Protein contains 7.5g of whey protein isolate, 7g of micellar casein, 7g of milk protein isolate, and 2.5g of egg white protein. Thus, it contains essential amino acids essential for muscle growth and repair.

One of the key features of Pro JYM Whey Protein is, that it combines different protein sources. Micellar casein digests slowly and provides a sustained release of important amino acids. Whey protein isolate is the purest form of protein that elevates amino acid levels and promotes muscle protein synthesis. Milk protein isolate in JYM Protein provides a well-balanced nutrient profile. Equally important, egg white protein contains EAAs like leucine which plays an important role in muscle building. One of the best whey protein isolates in India, a 2kg jar of Pro JYM Whey Protein contains 50 servings of the pure whey protein blend. It is available in a delectable chocolate mousse flavor that perfectly synchronizes with your taste buds and offers a rich taste.

Benefits of Pro JYM Whey Protein


JYM Protein is the best supplement to start your day and consume the perfect protein blend! It is dedicated to supporting muscle growth and recovery. The scientifically proven formula is low in carbs and fats to help individuals gain lean muscle mass. To read more about the benefits, read below:

1. It offers a Perfect Protein Blend

One of the key advantages of Pro JYM Whey Protein is, that it offers a comprehensive blend of various proteins. It contains whey protein, micellar casein, whey isolate, egg white protein, and milk protein isolate. This perfect combination provides a fast release of essential amino acids ideal for muscle growth and recovery.

2. It Promotes Muscle Growth and Repair

Having 24g of high-quality protein, JYM Protein is a perfect health supplement to promote muscle repair and growth. The comprehensive protein blend like milk protein isolate and egg white protein ensures a proper supply of amino acids to muscles for optimal growth and recovery.

3. It is Low in Fats and Carbs

To gain lean muscle mass, it is important to consume protein with no/minimal carbs and sugar. Pro JYM Whey Protein is an ultra-premium formula that contains low carbs and fats. If you are on a strict diet and want to sculpt a lean physique, it is the best option in the market!

4. It is Easy to Digest

JYM Protein is a USA-based dietary supplement popular among serious bodybuilders and professional athletes. The protein blend of different proteins is easy to digest. It is a smarter choice for individuals with lactose sensitivities. Moreover, easy digestibility ensures proper protein absorption.

How to Use Pro JYM Whey Protein

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 rounded scoop (40g) of Pro JYM in 177-355ml of water or milk. Blend or shake well in a shaker until the powder gets completely dissolved. For best results, consume the supplement within 30 minutes before or after a physical exercise. The perfect protein blend helps gain lean muscle mass with optimal muscle recovery. You can consume 1-2 servings, depending on the workout intensity. Do not exceed the recommended dosage to avoid side effects like digestive discomfort.

Your Attention Please!

Use Pre Jym Pre Workout to enhance your energy, focus, and endurance. This helps individuals get ready for intense workout sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions - Pro JYM Whey Protein


1. What Is Pro JYM Whey Protein Review?

JYM Protein is a scientifically proven formula. It is a premium whey protein supplement with many protein blends for optimal muscle recovery and growth. Low in carbs and fats, it contains the perfect blend of whey isolate, micellar casein, egg white protein, and milk protein isolate. This Jim Stopanni supplement provides pure 24g of whey protein that fuels your fitness goals.

2. What is Pro JYM Protein Price?

The maximum retail price of JYM Whey Protein is ₹7,500. At Nutriride, pay the lowest price of ₹5,499 and get a flat 27% OFF. Get more discounts on prepaid orders with free delivery.

3. What are the Benefits of Pro JYM?

As a dietary supplement, Pro JYM Whey Protein is a premium sports nutrition to support your fitness goals. With a perfect blend of many important proteins like whey protein isolate, egg white protein, and micellar casein, it helps muscles grow and recover faster. Low in fats and carbs, it is an easy-to-digest formula.

4. What are Pro JYM Protein Powder Nutrition Facts?

JYM Whey Protein is an ultra-premium formula that contains 7.5g of whey protein isolate, 7g of milk protein isolate, 2.5g of egg white protein, and 7g of micellar casein. Together, it provide the purest form of 24g of protein per serving. It offers 60% protein per serving with 150Kcal energy.

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